Cold weather doesn’t mean the end of camping season for a large number of adventure seekers. Some outdoor enthusiasts enjoy camping in cold. Following are some tips for surviving a night in the cold. 


1、Clean up the snow where you would like to pitch the tent. Away from the wet like valley and river if possible. 


2、Don't place the sleeping bags directly on the ground that with snow ice.  Before using the sleeping bag, make it fully fluffy, so that the insulation effect can be better. Sleeping bags must be kept dry frequently. Do not wear too much clothes when entering the sleeping bag. You will sweat once you wear too much, causing the sleeping bag to be wet and the thermal insulation performance to be reduced. 


3、It is important to keep your cloths, gloves and socks dry. Do not roast your feet with the shoes on. This will not only make it difficult to dry, but will also generate moisture inside. A tips here- before you wear your shoes, just put a plastic bag on to keep your feet warm and separate the wet.

4、In snow camping, it is better to sleeping with others.  Adding two people's covers together will be much thicker and will be much warmer. Don't wear a cotton coat, it will make you feel colder. It is best to wear a fleece, a leather cap, and ear warmers. Before going to sleep and after wake up, you can do some exercise to dispel the chill. 


5、If you can't fall asleep and feel thirsty, drink some water, then eat some high calorie food, because the sign is that the body is dehydrated to make the body feel cold, if you can't sleep, use the headlights to read some books, and cultivate the feeling of sleeping.


6、Never drink alcohol in the cold. Although drinking can temporarily cause the body to feel fever, the actual alcohol causes the blood vessels to swell, which increases the body's heat dissipation and leads to weakened strength.