As kid grow up, they desire parent to take them outside, to camping, to play with their friends. There are thousand of reason why you need to take them outside and what you should do is to realize their dream. 


And now, you will have a problem before you set out. What i need to bring? How can i bring less thing? If you plan a camping trip outside, will you bring three sleeping bags or you would like to just bring one?

You can see different kinds of sleeping bags in the market, like single sleeping bag for one person, double sleeping bag for couple, but there are few about family size. 


Following is GeerTop family size sleeping bag, it is suitable for 2 adults and 1 kid. Ox horn design inspire children's curiosity, also bring fun to them.  Sleeping in the sleeping bag, they won't feel boring, it much more like a place for playing. 


A trip is a chance to cultivate affection between each other, sleep together in  limited space outside will let you feel you are closely connected,you are not alone and feel warmer.