4 person Ultralight Waterproof Tent Tarp


Fine Production

20D double-sided coated silicon ultra-light waterproof mat, is an essential option for camping, picnic, fishing, mountain climbing and other outdoor sports!


Ultralight footprint fits perfectly for weekend trip, long trip camping. Heavy-duty hammock rain fly with four hang points for tear resistant. Footprint with 4 metal ring holes for extensive usage for setting up, shelter, rain cover or dampproof mat for your camping tent.

Compact and Lightweight

The footprint can be packed into a compact size,very small and light; comes with a drawstring pouch provides added convenience for carrying and travels.

5 Different Usage

The lightweight rain tarp can also play the role as Tent Shelter, Backpacking Tarp, Floor tarp, Rain Shelter, Hunting Tarp, is super ideal for Camping, Hiking, Picnic, Cycling, Backpacking

How to Storage


  1. lay the tarp flat
  2. fold the tarp in half
  3. fold the tarp in half again
  4. keep folding the tarp in half as the picture shown
  5. roll up the folded tarp and pack into the storage bag
  6. tighten the drawstring for a complete finish

Product Size

M: 2'11'' x 6'11'' (weight: 160g)

L: 4'3'' x 6'11'' (weight: 190g)

XL: 4'9'' x 6'11'' (weight: 210g)

XXL: 5'11'' x 6'11'' (weight: 280g)

XXXL: 8'6'' x 6'11'' (weight: 390g)