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Coeton Side Table Night Stand With Refrigerator and Touch Screen


Product Specification




Temperature Range:1~12℃

Material:wooden body with paint, 5mm thickness tempered glass top

Wireless Charger:5V

LED lights:Colorful

Input:AC 90V-260V 50/60Hz


Accessory:Power cord, instruction manual, warranty card, qualification certificate

Net Weight:55KG

Gross Weight:60KG


✅ A built-in fridge offers easier access to cold drinks while you are lying in bed or sitting on the couch
✅ A smart coffee table with a tempered glass touch screen on top provides you with a taste of modern
✅ Stereo bluetooth speaker and colorful lighting are perfect for ambience
✅ Wireless charging spot for smartphones and outlets for most electronic equipments

Coeton | Future Furnitures
A Futuristic Side Table With Smart Features

This smart side table serves as a refrigerator, entertainment center, and smart devices hub for most occasions. It is designed for the future.
This table tackles the classic dilemma of having to leave the scene and walk to the fridge every time you want a fresh cold drink or snacks and the on-going critical monents,adding convenience and ease while relaxing.​
Simply plug it into a wall outlet and you will be all set. Enjoy!