For many outdoor enthusiasts, portability & wind-resistance are the primary consideration,a tent is a place they can sleep. And now, under the premise of meeting the tent basic functions, GeerTop created a brand new tent of high-tech,named  SparkForce  --- Literally a glowing tent.   


Inspired at a lighting show tour, our tent designer Matt Brunson came with an idea that if our tents can shine and change colors like all the lights that would be quite amazing. Since then, he spent over 6 months on researching a high-tech tent which can glow itself, trying to redefine, breaking the dullness of the traditional tents and making all the outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a more romantic and fashionable camping experience. 


It may first come to you that only the LED lights or glowing powder can make the trick when it comes to the glowing function. But all these method only brighten the surface, not as we hope to make the tent glows itself. After 3 months of picking on the materials and trials of tent designs, GeerTop first GLOWING tent born. This type of tent adds fabric with optical fiber, this high-tech material, creating a brand new tent flysheet replacing the traditional Nylon and Polyester material.  



Glowing optical fibers, knitted in fabric and connected in the end becoming the glowing beam, joints with light source. All the fibers are of light-transmitting points on the surface, enabling the entire fiber has various lighting beams while it glows, and along with the change of fiber material,  the light direction change too, which finally provides the shining effect.


Portability is still the important function we pursue.  Once connected power bank with the USB of the tent, powering with electricity the tent soon glows, no worries of adding too much weight. You can use the remote to change the tent glowing color. 7 colors are optional: Yellow, Green, Blue, Light-Blue,Pink, White and Red. Also, you can alter the brightness and keep the tent glows with 7 colors. It won’t be exaggerating to say that this is a smart tent. 



                  1. 7 glowing colors options.

                  2. Glowing brightness and speed can be altered. 

                  3. You can keep the tent glowing with 7 colors at the same time. 

                  4. Only with a power bank it can glow.

                  5. With a remote you can control the glowing mode

We hope to take this opportunity to change everyone's stereotype of the tent. What we are trying to do is to deliver a message that even under severe circumstance, we can still create and extremely romantic atmosphere. Just think about it, how fantastic to camp under the star and dance with your lover with the tent following the rhythm.



Matt hopes that GeerTop High-tech tent can appear in various of occasions, like different campsites,exhibitions or owned by more outdoor enthusiast who love fresh and cool stuffs.  Due do the high price, for now we only accept custom order. More details, just shoot us email. Email:

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