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Super Clear Eyepieces: K25mm, K6mm High quality optical glass lens with magnification of 16X and 67X.


Premium Quality Optics! Aluminum Tabletop Tripod.
Refraction type / focal length:360mm(f/5.1), 400mm(f/5.7).
Aperture:70mm. Prism: 45°correct image prism diagonal.
3X Barlow Lens - increase the clearness of telescope, make us easier to focus the moon and stars. 
5X24 Finder Scope - navigate objects easier.

Altitude-Azimuth Mountain: The telescope is equipped with an altitude-azimuth mounting, can be moved vertically (altitude) and horizontally (azimuth).

It is a High- Powered telescope, suitable for entry-level amateur astronomers, teens and kids to explore landscape & stars!


Are you finding a beginner / Compact Astronomical telescope or a high-powered and premium quality telescope for your children? This is your best choice! It is a telescope with good observation performance of celestial bodies, appropriate for entry-level amateur astronomers and children. Different magnification eyepieces can make you observe freely at different distances and sizes of objects. As long as you have enough imagination, there will be unlimited interest and practical usefulness!



Always start viewing with your 25mm eyepiece. This is your low power eyepiece and its wide viewing field will help you to locate objects easier. Once you have located an object and the view is clear you may wish to change to the higher power of eyepiece.


Increase the power of telescope, make us to focus moon and stars easier.  5X24 finder scope - locate objects faster. 



Since a telescope is designed to have a narrow field of view, it can be challenging to locate a particular star or planet. For this reason the telescope is fitted with a low-power, wide-field miniature telescope called a finder scope.


What to look at in the night sky? - Moon, Planets, Stars.

To find the planets, you will need information about their times of visibility. Each of the planets provides unique views. Venus is covered with clouds. Mars is a red planet. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system...Beyond our solar system there are many more objects to be found. Galaxies, Nebulea, and Star Clusters abound!



Object in the finder scope are upside down. This is normal and is the same in all astronomical telescopes.

Do not use this telescope to gaze the sun or other strong light spot. And guid your kids to use it during daytime under the sun.

Main tube x 1
K6mm eyepiece x 1
K25mm eyepiece x 1
Finder Scope x 1
45°Diagonal prism x 1
34cm height Aluminum Tabletop Tripod x 1
Color Box


Worry-Free Warranty
At GEERTOP, we believe in our products. That's why we offer them with 18-month free warranty, and you can return it within 30 days and before use to get full refund.

GeerTop Ultra-Clear High-Quality Astronomical Refractor Telescope With Tripod

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