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Great Smoky Mountain National Park-4 Season Tent Camping

November 23, 2016

Methodist Church


This national park covers an area of around 800 square miles with a great variety of animals and plants as well as sufficient Appalachian culture history. For those who is interested in wildlife, this park is really great for them, apart from the most popular black bears, there are lots of other kinds of wildlife together with 1660 kinds of wildflowers. This park is also an ideal place for hiking, 800 miles of  hike trail, fishing streams and a great amount of brilliant waterfalls, sufficient campgrounds, all this park surrounded by magical Smoky Mountain, there is no wonder that such giant amounts of people visiting this park. Moreover, there are many historical log cabins, churches farmstead, southern Appalachian culture within this park, such unique place for history buffs.

There are several kinds of campground in this park. Front country campground, car accessible restrooms with running water and flush toilet. Shower is out of approach in all the Smoky Mountain National Park area, multi night campers need to bring it themselves. Propane shower perhaps for front country camper,  backcountry campsite without car accessibility, hike, there is no other choice for the backcountry campers but to take a solar camping bath as their shower, Seven front country group campground for camping groups of 7 or more than that, this park has some five drive-in horse  camps for family camping who wants an accompany horse for their family members with hitch frame and front camping ground amenities.


Smokey Mountains, TN. "Lookout Mountain" in Rock City Garden


For campers and hikers the ranger’s station had a lot of information and maps. If you visit there alone the ranger will ask you friendly whether you are hiking alone, and write down your detailed personal information for security if you don’t check back before the scheduled time, so they will go out searching for you. Also, trails you are going to take is well marked. If you are heading to some specific sites, you can know where you are in according to the marks. The map will show you how to approach your desire sites by telling your where to turn left or right and the trails have wooden signage to mark and instruct you. Some of the rocks on the trails maybe really slippery, keep an eye on that, especially when you are obsessed in a beautiful site or taking photos of them.



Gatlinburg, TN  Waterfall


Brilliant water falls of this park is another prevailing and spectacular attraction for the visitors. You can see 3 water falls far away on the road include The Sinks, Meigs Fall and the third one is at the end of Roaring Forks Motor trail. Other popular rain falls includes, rainbow fall with 80 ft drop, Grotto Falls, highest Ramsay Cascades waterfall 100 ft pour, Wallow Creek waterfall 90 ft height, Laurel Falls 80 ft high, Abrams Falls 20 ft high, Juney Whank Falls, Indian Creek Falls, Toms Branch Falls and so many nameless small drops.  Many visitors plan their entire vacations nearby this amazing park, you can get easy access to this park as it open all year round but you would better have a schedule and avoid crowded weekends, and you will get much lower campsite lodging price and other expenses. There is another problem worth adhering that temperature  vary  about 70 degrees from hovering a height of 6000 ft to places below 3-40000 ft, if you want to experience higher sites, wear appropriate layers of clothing. Usually, this park is most popular in fall and autumn as wildflowers blossoms and there is unique autumn color plants. According to the National Park Service, this park has more than 10 million attendance annually, being the most popular National Park in USA.

 Rainbow Waterfall


If you are planning a camping or hiking trip to this amazing park, you need a great 4 season tent to provide shelter for you.













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