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Rocky Mountain National Park-2 Person Tent Camping

November 26, 2016

Rocky Mountain Park is best known for its hiking trails with much beautiful scenery of wilderness for over 300 miles totally. And its unique alpine sightseeing is in a rather large scale, with most of his area above high altitude. Miles of trails spread through wild area of forests, uncountable nameless plants, wildflowers and autumn color, large amounts of mountain peaks covered with white snow reflecting sun shining makes them splendid. This park get much fame because of its high elevation driving on its highways includes 11 continuous driving.



  • Highest highway of USA-Trail Ridge Road

This is a continued road for you to drive a vehicle alone the highest highway in the United States of America with the wonderful sightseeing including the Forest Canyon Overlook under your wheels. It’s really amazing that this road is in 11 miles length continually with 11 miles of them hover to the altitude of 11,000 feet compared with sea level and peak of this road reach a point of 12, 183 feet up to the sky. You will feel like driving in the sky swiftly for 11 miles!

Weathers of the area alongside this road can vary dramatically in a day, you should be prepared for harsh weather sometimes, high winds and thunderstorms usually takes place among this area and sometimes heavy snowfall.  Some people may get dizzy as they drive up into higher altitude. But this road is very well kept and without severe soar ups and drop downs.  If you want to have a drive in this area, you can get a map of this road with all the beautiful sights noted in it from the visitor service station nearby. This road is located between the Estes Park and the Grand Lake with a total length of 48 miles.



  • Wilderness of the Tundra

As most of the Rocky Mountain Park is locate on high elevation, its has the most exposure of wildness of tundra tan any parks elsewhere. Common high winds, thin soil ground, large area of icy cover land, low temperature make animals and plants hard to survive here. The cold environment and bitterness temperature is really a challenge for the wildlife to survive. And because of that, this place spread most  area of amazing tundra sightseeing  for visitors to experience with much challenge compared with other lower altitude parks as the air in this alpine environment is much thinner and temperatures as well as slippery and icy ground make it more difficult to hike. Generally, this is a unique tundra site for hiking enthusiasts to explore.




  • Alberta Falls

This 2 miles circle trails is highly recommended for people who just do their first hike and have a really nice hiking experience. It’s such a perfect short and comfortable hiking trails for beginners, you can obsess the fantastic scenery of 30 feet high Alberta Falls.



  • Services of this park includes:

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If you are going to have a very nice camping trip to this famous national park, you need to have a very premium build 2 person 4 season camping tent.



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