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Stuffs Stimulates Winter Camping-Use Backpacking Tent

December 3, 2016

Most of the people will not consider winter camping except the camping enthusiast, the cold weather will stop most people from experiencing the wilderness. Most of the camping grounds or hiking trails require more professional gears for winter camping.


Thermal winter tents, warmer and lighter clothing, isolated water bottle and water filters, gloves, wool hats, less camping accompanies, extra food and stoves as it will takes you more energy to resist cold weather and the stoves or canister may stop working as the temperature slumps, these are some of the obstacles you need to overcome during winter camping.

For those who want to go camping in winter, these are some persuasive things maybe the key motivations to stimulate winter camping.


Thorough quiet

It’s unusual to hear utter silence, you should really try it  during winter camping if you have never gone through any of that, very impressive. All the wildlife won’t make any noise then except sounds from the leaves of the trees and other stuff blow by gales in winter. Animals and insects will shut their mouth and save most energy to resist coldness and it’s not easy for them to find nutrition in cold winters.


Swamp Campsite

Usually, the firewood  is limited and campsites are having too much blowing winds, but cost you more money to lodge in the park and campsite in summer camping.

Instead of limited campsites in summer camping, you can camp anywhere you want in winter camping. You can choose a low ground swamp to pitch your tent, and there is always sufficient dry wood to gather and will get well shelter on this swamp area, you will find no way to have such camp in summer.


Less crowded

You will find out that there is less people experiencing the wilderness in winter camping or hiking. As cold weather is not suitable for old people and kids to send nights in the wilderness, family camping is not appropriate in winter and early spring. Less crowded in the parks allow you to have more exposures to the wilderness and better campgrounds to choose with lower lodge in expanse.


Free of biting insects

Mosquito probably is the most annoying insects you  are really want to get rid of. You don’t need to bring the mosquito repellent any more in winter camping. The most amount of insect you may come across maybe snow fleas, but they don’t bite. Kind of little things with dark blue springtail, jumping on snow ground on relative warm winter days. They look beautiful and funny as well.


Firewood and camping stoves

Campfire in winter camping is kind of indispensable stuff. You should figure out which type of natural firewood is good to start a campfire and keep it thrive and durable if you do not bring any camping stoves. Conifer branches(evergreens) such as cedar, pine and balsam is much easier to start fire quickly, as they contain high resin content and have loose wood fiber. But if need to keep the chill out, those dense deciduous trees, like dried maple, oak or iron wood is good options.


An excuse to buy premium gear

You may grab a cheap sleeping bag and a leaking tent for your summer camping round and safe. But you may get broken hands or feet because of frostbite. In order to prepare for a round and safe winter camp, you will easily find the excuses to either splurge or purchase premium quality camp gears and professional winter camp clothing. At least, you will borrow some from your friends if you are in a budget and buying the brand top camp gears will break your bank. Thus, I am helping you out of this dilemma and introduce a professional winter tent to safeguard your winter camping. It’s a winter camping designed tent but is available in 4 seasons, it has snow skirt to block snow in winter and you can roll the snow skirt up in summer for more ventilation with its attached belts. This tent is very thermal as it has rain fly made of PU 8000 Nylon fabric to isolate you from the cold weather, rainstorm and snow fall, and an inner tent made of sturdy polyester fabric to keep the heat within the tent. It’s inner tent also adopts two layer doors for more thermal keeping in winter, nylon mesh layer for more ventilation to sleep 2 person comfortably, polyester layer door for thermal  keeping in cold weathers. And this tent use compact cross poles design to make it more sturdy to withstand harsh weather. It weighs 6.17 lbs / 2.8 KG when packed all of its stuffs together which includes inner tent, flysheet, poles, tent pegs and guy ropes. And this multi-function winter backpacking tent takes $175.99, you can know more about this tent at: www. geertop. com





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