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Things Need to Be Cautious during Hiking

December 5, 2016


Some hiking/camping tips worth mentioning:

  1. Do not bring more stuffs on your backpack when you go hiking except the necessities, try to achieve weight saving, buy ultralight gears if you can afford it.

  2. Do not eat the fruits and greens in the wilderness unless you know they are really belly friendly.

  3. Learn more survival skills in case you will accounts for any.

  4. When you start fire in the wilderness, especially there is thick trees and bushes, and pay extra attention to your fire, put them down completely and thoroughly before you leave.

  5. Do not set up your campsite close to lakes or pools, rivers or streams randomly, check the trails of wildlife before you put down you backpack and pitch tent. Do not pitch tents beneath a hill, there maybe some dangerous rolling stones. Avoid trekking water in the rivers or streams in summer, water flow is stronger and swifter than you can imagine then. Do not pitch your tent on top of a hill either, there maybe thunder in summer there and usually comes with gales, both make it a terrible campsite.

  6. Do not try to trick aggressive wildlife; Do not block trained wildlife into a limited corner or room; Do not pick up baby wildlife;

  7. Bring a sharp knife with you, when you are in an emergent situation you can break you tent or other things to escape.

  8. When you climb hills or pacing through speedy waters, unlock your backpack buckle around your chest, so you can get rid of the burden of your backpack quickly if you are in a urgent situation.

  9. You can use the ashes of the burnt fires to stop tiny breeding or use glue water to reduce heavy breeding as you did not have any first aid kit, glue water maybe poisoned but not deadly as breeding a lot.

  10.  Knee wrapper may help relieve pressure on your knees and protect you knees safe and sound.

  11. Do not abuse alcohol, that’s a terrible hobby.

  12. Figure out the problem of your body and make up decision upon the situation or you may get into dangerous condition before you can receive help.

  13. When you have access to go into your tent or go out of it, close the doors of your tent in order to block the insects out, especially the annoying mosquito.

  14. If you can not fall asleep, get up and stay guard during nights on the outdoors, there is much unpredictable circumstance happen in the wilderness.

  15. Listen to the advice of the local people or nearby rangers, they are the people with most experience of this unique place you are now hiking or camping, and you will get important and useful hiking hacks from them if you are willing to ask, do not being too superstitious about your camping experience, things diver in two different places.

  16. Inform your family or friends of your hiking or camping schedule, share your hiking plan with the local ranger office before you start hiking especially when you go alone, and call them up when you have done to let them know they are not on call anymore.

  17. Do not pace at night, try to find a campsite to pitch your camping tent before sunset.










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