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Tent Keeping Tips

December 6, 2016


Most of the camping enthusiast will have at least one tent, and some of them will bring extra emergent shelter for backcountry camping, such as bivy bags or tarps. Not only having the right tent for your camping trip is important, but also the appropriate  tent keeping methods will have a great effect, especially for the camping apprentice. If the method you use and keep your tent is not proper, problems of your tent will arise soon, which will ruin your tent thus may even cause high risk in harsh weather during your camping trip. Herein, let’s go through some tips on how to use and keep your tent properly, it will save life of your tent and if you are taking good care of your tent, tents will take good care of you in return.


Keep your tent dry

Most of the camping tents use silicon coated fabric nowadays, moisture and mould are really deadly to this kind of material. What’s worse, condensation may come into being within your tent even when you are camping in fine weathers, let alone wet tents while camping upon rainy or snowy days. It’s significant to keep your tent dry after camping. Otherwise, it will ruin the surface of the tent silicon coated fabric which will result in worse waterproof and reduce life of your tent.


Ways to keep your tent dry

It’s inevitable to leave moisture within your tent after you have used it, and when you clean it again, it gets much wet. The best way to keep your tent dry is to hung it over in a place with shade and dry winds, and wait till it dry before you pack it up. Keep an eye on the weather broadcast and when it’s several days of fine weather, you can place your tent on the branches of a tree with shade on the ground or hang your tent up with a long line under the shade of a tree after you clean your tent up. If it’s continuous rainy days after you clean your tent, you can hang it over within your house, somewhere with shelter, dry winds is good. Try to avoid strong sun light shinning (UV rays may broke the coated layer), and avoid direct baking/toasting toward your tent unless you want to burn it and buy a new one. Tent fly and tent body should be away from heats and consistent high temperature, they may cause tent fabric to flex and color of tent will fade as well.


Ways to clean

You tent may be exposed to dirt like mud during rainy or snowy weather and you should clean your tent before you pack it up. Regarding of ways to clean tent, you should never put your tent into wash machine, it will ruin your tent immediately. And do not wash your tent with a hard hair brush either. Appropriate way is to wash your tent with clean water and soft cloth and wipe the dirty area slightly. If it’s of much dirt, some soft purify with clean water is good. Do not use any strong and thick solution of bleach to clean your tent, it will cause the fade color of your tent and break the surface of the silicon coated fabric.


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