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Sleeping Bag Keeping & Using Tips

December 8, 2016

Packaging and storage:

 Most sleeping bags have a outer bag to pack all the sleeping bag inside, although there are very few exceptions which do not come with this kind of packing bag. In many cases this bag is not a good place to store sleeping bags, is not an effective way to reduce the volume of packaging either.


 Long-term compression storage of the sleeping bag will cause damage to the insulation material, which can also cause moisture absorption and moldy conditions. So sleeping bags should be stored in special production bags of breathable cotton or stored in mesh fabric storage bags. Another good way to store your sleeping bag is to hang it in your closet with a clothing holder. What’s more, you should make sure that the place where you store the sleeping bag is dry and ventilated.


If you are concerned about the size of the package volume of your sleeping bag, looking for a sleeping bag with compression belts and an outer compression storage bag, or some kind of outer waterproof bag with rolling mouth.


Some hikers would prefer not bringing the compression bags. On the contrary, they stick their bag into the remaining space of their backpack in order to fix loading weight. However, these guys should be more cautious about avoiding putting their food or other things with much smell separated from the sleeping bag.


After a day of hiking, sleeping bags need to restore in better degree of bulk and expand their thermal keeping materials into their most size to get the ideal performance of insulation, which means that you should shake it over to expand the sleeping bag to its biggest thickness after you take it out.





Before you get into your sleeping bag, put the tighten bottle filled with hot water into it, which will make the sleeping bag really warm and comfortable when you sleep within it. This skill is especially for cold weather hiking or camping. You may need to wrap your water bottle with your socks as the bottle can be really hot and hurt your skin when they are exposed to it.


Sleeping bag does not produce heat, it will only work to keep heat of your body. If you are using it in cold nights, you can warm up your body and pulse up blood circulation, and then drill into the sleeping bag for warmer sleeping conditions.


You can wash down sleeping bags in the bathtub with warm water and special detergent, which helps to remove the damaged fibers or feathers.


When you finish your camping and back home, open your sleeping bag as soon as possible, and hang it on the outside to expose it to the sun for a day or so to let it dry completely before you can store your bag.


Temporarily repair them with adhesive tape before terrible tearing or vast expanding holes when cracks first appear. And fix them completely by patching or stitching them when at home.


Keep your sleeping bags away from sources of ignition. Mars can burn holes on your sleeping bag easily, and high temperatures will melt them either.

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