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How to Deal with Mosquitoes in the Wilderness

December 9, 2016

When you are camping in the wilderness, mosquitoes are particularly the most annoying things, besides their uncomfortable itching, they also spread the disease.

The first thing you should do to prevent mosquito is to understand mosquitoes.

All the biting mosquitoes are female ones; They would like to generate their eggs in the dirty and calm water area, and cultivate their eggs into younger ones. Mosquitoes prefer anything smells like sweet wine, or search for milk bottles where milks remain and stay at the bottoms of the milk bottle; They tend to rest during day time and start biting during darkness, with habits of darkening.


Prevention of mosquito bites

1. Wear long sleeves and trousers for outdoor activities as far as possible.

2. Pull up the the tent window screens at night, so mosquitoes and other insects can not get in.

3. Keep an eye on personal hygiene, mosquito is thirsty for people with faster metabolism, such as sweating and more body odor, those guys will certainly be the first choice of mosquitoes.

4. Be cautious about the cleanness of the campground, the litter will inevitably attract mosquitoes approaching.

5. When you are selecting the camp, choose for those with open and dry ground, try to be away from the places near a puddle or warm damp, a warm and wet bush where mosquitoes are easy to breed.

6. Hanging a wormwood sachet within your tent, mosquitoes do not like the smell of wormwood.

7. Use the driving oil, essential balm, toilet water, cool oil and other insect repellent, but one thing to note: sun scream and mosquito repellent should not be used at the mean time.

8. Eating garlic can effectively repel mosquitoes as they do not like the secretion of garlic flavor;

9. Wear light-colored clothing, mosquitoes prefers darkness.

10. Peppermint oil. It is said that the effect of peppermint oil repellent is 85%.

11 Loading empty bottles or cups with sugar or beer and place them on the shadows, when the mosquitoes smell the sweet taste, they will be drilled to the bottle, thus being stuck to the sugar or beer and drown to death.

12. If you are not mind being in dirty, you can paint soil around your bare arms, feet, and neck and face if there is no other alternative to repel the mosquitoes and you are really in a situation surrounded with lots of mosquitoes.



Simple treatment on mosquitoes bites

1. Wash the wound with soapy water.

2. Smear your exposed skins with cool oil, balm, toothpaste, etc. They can produce partial anesthesia and relieve nerves, reduce your feeling of itchy.

3. Cover the swelling area bitten by mosquitoes with garlic juice and aloe leaf juice to relieve itching.

4. Brush or brew it with water with melted salt, they can not only soften the lump, but also effectively relieve itching.

Note: After being bitten itchy, do not clutch these bitten area with your nails, as you may scratch your skin, and is likely to cause wound infection in the wilderness.


Insect repellent plants

Lavender; Nepenthe; mint grass; wormwood.

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