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Beach Camping Tips-Keep the Doors of Your Camping Tent Close

December 10, 2016


Camping on the beach area is a really wonderful adventure, you can enjoy the castle on the beach, the sun is a very pleasant thing. Beach camping is good, but you  should also pay attention to the following issues, in order not to affect your good mood.


1. Sunscreen

The reason why the sun put it first is that it is easy to be ignored. Donkeys are a lot of habit to stay indoors, the skin moisture, sun performance is poor, exposed to the sun in the sea, two hours will be sunburn (perhaps shorter). This injury was not felt, skin redness has been sunburn, and after a day or two your skin will become pain and peeling, or blisters, you can use cold towel method to relieve pain. Also, you can  moisturizers sunburn part by adding water, and Vitamin C supplementation prevents melanin precipitation. People who are active in the sun often have better resistance to sunburn, and can also use sunshades (with a silver coating), or long-sleeved clothes, and of course sunscreen is better. Remember that sea water can not block UV from hurting your skins if you swim for a long time under the sun. Many people consider sea water will protect their skin from sunburn, but they finally get it. And apply some sun scream to your exposed skin after swimming or sweating.


2. Do not catch cold

The most favorable thing to do when camping on the beach area is to play with the clear water. But please pay more attention to that, playing the sea water can also cause you a cold. Especially in the earlier warm weather. During this period of time, your surrounding air and the ground begins to get warmer and warmer, but the water is still relatively cold, almost physical guys are very easy to catch a cold if swimming in those cold sea waters at that time. Once you have caught a cold, the other activity will lose its meaning. Therefore, once you feel that the sea water is a little cold, you should leave the water immediately. What’s more, you should dry tour body up as soon as you get out of the sea water and wrap yourself with a towel or clothing if the weather is cool or else the cool wind near the beach will brow you a cold as well. If the weather is hot and warm, then dry your body up is good.


3. To prevent mosquitoes

Mosquito favorably tends to bite on the beach than on the mountain. In addition to mosquitoes and flies, shallow beaches and a hopper on the beach is annoying, they are very eager to bite in shallow water and cause pain, itching and swelling. Remember to apply insect repellent to avoid mosquito bite. Close the doors of your tent or shelter after you get in or go out. If you tent window do not have mesh layer, keep them close.  Protect your food, tableware, etc. (preferably not on the ground, you can put them in the bag). Sitting around the campfire can usually be free from insects.


4. Moisture-proof

Try to keep your camping tent away from the sea, to avoid flooded tents, which requires us to understand the tidal knowledge, the rising level of surface of the seawater will easily pour water in your tents if you pitch it next to the sea level, you can ask the local fishermen. The safest way is to find a sandy beach above the dry place. Choose a good weather for your camping, travel, be concerned about the weather forecast for the next few days.


5. Sleep quality

Beach camping mainly takes part in the summer, if the beach is dry, it will be very soft, smooth after lying on its surface and you  can fall in sleep softly. If the beach is wet, it will be hard, then it need to be separated from the cold moisture barrier pad, sleep before checking whether there are mosquitoes within the tent; and try to prevent opening the tent at the middle of the night. At the same time, the seaside temperature vary a lot between day and night, you should pay attention to keep your body warm, you should also take pieces of thick clothes even in summer. Or a comfortable down sleeping bag maybe.


6. ingredients

Barbecue is very suitable for the beach, cooking seafood is also very good, but you must eat fresh ones. In the Lunar New Year, on the 15th day (or two days before) will fall tide, then you may easily catch some seafood in the sea or just on the beach, you can dig clams in the ebb tide of the beach, catching crabs, clams crab shrimps and other seafood boiled without season limitation. Barbecue, then pay attention to materials, bread and skewer chicken wings can lose their original smell in half-day and will not taste any more, you’d better buy before meals, sausage can be preserved for a long time. Remember to cook the seafood thoroughly, eliminate the parasites inside the them.


7. Swimming

There is a certain risk when swimming in the sea, underwater rocks, deep pits and complex water situations and so on are very dangerous. So the local hydrology is not a special place hard to understand by the swimming guys. You will sweat a lot when you swim, but you are not able to find out that you have lost much water from you body as you are swimming in the sea. You will only find that stuff as you get thirsty and dry lips. You should learn more about hydrological conditions, and get more hydration when you swim. Try to bring life buoy.

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