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Camping Food Stuffs

December 14, 2016


 Figuring out what to eat is very essential when doing outdoor sports, this is also an inevitable topic to be discussed when you participate in outdoor sports, the most important principle is that these foods should be high in calories, can provide enough energy to complete your journey. In general, I will choose high protein Calorie food, of course, the weight and size of food is also considered elements, you can not carry food that is very heavy and place occupying. Such as watermelon, durian, coconut, etc,. Not only Won’t they provide you with a lot of energy, but they will make you walk in the trails like a donkey carrying piles of loads.


Choice of food can be considered from the following aspects:

High energy: This is necessary for outdoor sports. On one hand, you consume more energy for the outdoor activities, on the other hand, the energy you intake must increase as well, which also to a certain extent, have impact on the following two aspects.

Light: the quality of food to carry should be as lightweight as possible to load, their volume as small as possible, as you have to be equipped with a lot of mountaineering equipment packed in your backpack.

Amount: counts the amounts of food need to bring scientifically, carry enough food according to your travel time is good. If you find your backpack has a lot of food left, then you have brought much, you can bring some compressed biscuits to prepare for contingencies.

When you go to the outdoors for climbing, you will consume about 2.5 times the same normal daily consumption (food ratio: 60% carbohydrate, 20% protein, 20% fat). We rarely take into account the proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It will not be a big problem as long as your diets are not in coordination in the long-term. Protein intake is too much of the disadvantages of increasing the burden on the kidney, which will cause a variety of diseases, but it’s not absolute, like bodybuilders, they eat food of particular high protein content. Here I give two reference "a variety of sports consumption calories" and "common food calorimeter." You can follow this and refer to the above three principles to develop your outdoor diet list.


Common outdoor food:

1. Compressed biscuits: high energy, resistance to hunger. Eat a piece of the biscuits and have some  water can deal with a single meal. You should not carry too much biscuits, because they are in high density, and weight a lot. If you travel for a long period, eat a lot of these biscuits easier to get angry, and it is easy to be tired of them.  It is recommended to prepare 2 pieces of compressed biscuits.

2. Beef jerky: very luxurious food, more expensive, but rich in protein, can provide sufficient energy.

3. Instant noodles: rich in energy, but not suitable for long-term consumption.

4. Oats: high in calories, rich in protein and carbohydrates, easy to cook.

5. Dehydrated foods: vegetables and some meats. Light weight, space saving, more energy contain in same amount.

6. Raisins: they contain 60% of fructose, quick energy supply, can be used as snack foods, pack them on your front bag and take some of them now and then on your trails.

7. Steamed bread: low price, can be taken as staple food, you will have a sense of satiety, there are bread to eat is also a very happy thing when you are consuming much energy for the outdoor activities . Moreover,  bread can be stored for a long time, flexible, compressible.

8. Caned porridge: Although they are tin cans, some of them can be really delicious work as food snacks to provide more food variety. They take few backpack space as well.

9. Sauerkraut: to absorb salt due to loss of salt after sweating, and can serve as a side dish.

10. Chocolate: rich in fat, high-calorie foods, effective to supply energy.

Fruit:: you can take in vitamin and fructose from fruits, when you reach the destination even when it is a shriveled apple in your hand, you will also feel very happy Of course, the most direct result of the lack of vitamin is dry stool.

The above list is more common and through former adventure, these foods is also better. Of course, there are many options based on personal preferences and habits, not limited to the above. Into the open outdoors, has always been a happy thing. How will you force yourself to eat food you dislike in these brilliant moments on the great outdoors?

If you are looking for camping Recipes, please visit our Pinterest.


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