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Self Inflating Mat

December 30, 2016

 After planning a several night camping trip somewhere you want to go, you should consider how to sleep in the outdoors. In order to ensure you with a more comfortable sleep, taking a self inflating mat is one good way. Together with a tent, a sleeping bag, you can even do winter camping comfortably! A self inflating mat will provide you a very soft place to sleep on instead of laying your backbone on the rocks.


There are piles of sleeping mat available for the campers diverse from brands and materials. This is one of our self inflating mat. Specialized for backpacking and camping, coated with thick 75D Polyester Pongee and filled with resilience foam, this mat will be very compact and comfortable to sleep on after you open this mat’s valve at the bottom and have it pumped automatically. The air of its pillow is insulated and has to be filled manually, usually blowing it up with your lung through the nozzle on the pillow. You should hold the nozzle on the pillow more tightly to let the air in. Please be noted that any manual pumping of the mat body will destroy the automatic valve of this mat!


This mat is attachable. It can be spliced together by connecting the buttons of two mats, these mats have buttons on both sides. They are (62.2 + 9.8) * 23.6 inch / (160 + 25) *60 cm when inflated, which size suitable for most one person tent, and for using in 2 person or 3 person tents, you can just spliced another 1 or 2 mats to it, convenient to use.


Packing this mat up. Open the nozzle of the pillow and press the air out with your fingers pressing the connecting part of the nozzle relative tightly after open it. This nozzle will turn back to original status and release leaking of air if not pressed. After the air of the pillow is pressed out completely, close the nozzle. Then, open the valve at the bottom of the mat body, roll up the mat slowly and compactly to press all the air out of the self inflating mat. Start from the edge of the pillow, roll it slowly, and after the air is pressed out completely, close the valve tightly. Wrap it up and pack it within the compression bag, done.


All the above is about this mat being used when camping, and it’s packed compactly to save more space and let it look more beautiful. When you go back home, you should tidy this gear up, place it somewhere dry and cool in inflated condition. Long time of packed and compressed condition will destroy the flexibility of the foam materials within this self inflating mat, thus decrease it’s thermal performance and even its life. In addition, please do not expose this self inflating mat to heat, fire or high temperature, it will make the coated layer fading or even have the shape of this mat changing. Moreover, clean this mat with soft cloth and moderate solution if there is much dirt, do not wash it with thick solution or bleach, they will destroy the coated layer.



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