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Queen camp pad

January 5, 2017

 Products of pads have gone through many generations including the early metal spring ones, air pumping ones and self inflating ones. The air pumping inflatable camping mattress is thought to be more advanced than the traditional spring ones. And it’s much lighter than the stubborn and thick, heavy spring ones. So they are more portable as they can be deflated and fold up for space saving. Cheap though they are, these mattress utilize PVC or rubber materials, which has good elastic features to make these mattress durable, long life and tough against punctures. These air pumping mattress have to be inflated with your lung or with a pump connected to them, manually or electrically pumping. They also being much thicker, though some of them with a foam layer on the surface, they may flex a lot as you lay down on them, which may let your pine bends in a relatively large extent. If you use it for night sleeps in the outdoors, it’s not good to your health.  So, the self inflating mattress comes into being. They are mainly filled with foam layer, which can self inflating to free your lungs or avoid bring an extra pump for camping. Take our queen size camp pad for instance. Fabric of this pad is Jeanette PVC, it’s kind of advanced PVC fabric, very lightweight, good sweat leaking and thermal performance and very soft, facilitates 4 seasons using of this queen camp pad. Filled with high resilience foam, this camp pad will allow you to have a very comfortable sleep on the tough and uneven grounds and compact enough to provide sufficient strength to hold your body without much flexing. This queen camp pad is designed for happy camping! It’s fascinating color, soft and  comfortable touches on the surface, unique waves design on the surface to enhance perspiration will help you have a pretty good sleep even when you sleep in the outdoors. It offers convenient inflating with an auto inflating mouth, ABS material. You can simply unscrew the gas nozzle at the bottom of the camp pad and the pad body will inflate automatically, and you can not blow most of the self inflating pads with your lung or a pump as you will destroy their auto mouth. After the pad inflating to the appropriate size, screw the mouth and the queen camp pad is ready to use. It’s paired with 2 pillow to sleep 2 people comfortably, and these pillow are separately blown with your lung manually.   When packing this queen cam pad up, you can just open the ABS mouth at the bottom of the tent body and squeeze the air out of it by rolling it up from top edge to the bottom end. Rolling this pad slowing and compactly to exhaust most air out and make this pad more portable when wrapped with the belt and packed in the compression bag. Thickness    of this pad is 1.5 inch / 3.8 cm. Size after inflated 74.8*52 inch / 190 * 130 cm. Packed Size is 26.8*7.9*7.9 inch / 68 * 20 * 20 cm. And weigh 9 lbs / 4.1 KG.



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