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January 11, 2017

Ground sheets are usually made of Nylon or Oxford fabrics. Most of the ground sheets will have PU coating upon their surface. Their performance of water proof diverse upon the PU coating on its surface, commonly PU value fluctuates between 1200 – 9000 MM.

 This is our 20D Nylon silicon coated ground sheet. With silicon coated treatment on both two surface of the ground sheet and inner fabric also mixed with PU silicone oil as well, it’s of 8000 MM PU value, good water proof performance and lightweight as well as portable after packed in a small compression bag.



 This is our 210D Oxford fabric ground cloth with 5000 PU value. Ground sheets made of Oxford fabrics can provide better performance of wear, tear and abrasion resistance.

Ground sheet can be used as a canopy / tarp tent.

Ground sheets can be used as a canopy / tarp tent for shelter, a flysheet of a tent and other stuffs, which is its major feature apart from being relatively lightweight and thin to provide moisture and water resistance. They are usually being placed under a tent floor for extra water proof and moisture prevention as well as keep your tent clean and protect your tent floor from dirt, debris and other sharp stuffs that may have your tent floor punctured. They can be fold up and stored in a compression bag to make it really portable. For instance, thru hiking or minimalist backpacking, weight and packed size override any other factors. These kinds pf outdoor activities require a rather weigh saving backpack list, so a ground sheet is an ideal bet, as ground sheets are good substitute for rain fly of their tent. After pitching their inner tent, they can replace the original rain fly with a ground sheet by hanging it up or tie it to the four corners of the tent floor. The ground sheet can also work as their canopy. Especially for 3 season tents, you do not want to bring your rain fly of the 3 season tent for summer camping sometimes as you won’t like to use it for hot summer nights in the great outdoors. So, you will prefer to bring a ground sheet as a substitute in case it rains. Whenever you need a shelter, for blocking rains or providing shades, you can just hang the ground sheet up by conveniently tying the four corners of the ground sheet to the branches of trees with guy ropes. Usually, there are grommets stitched to the ground sheet, some of them have grommets stitched to their branching small ties for easy connection. Apart from being hung into the sky, the original and most widely application of the ground sheets, as its name show you, is being lied on the ground to protect tents or provide insulation away from moisture or dirt for camping or picnics.

Ground sheets tend to have their unique size, often designed for an unique tent which make it produced at a slightly smaller or larger size compared with the floor area of its paired tent. When you buy a ground sheet, you should check that if its size suits your camping tents.

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