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bivy tent: choose water proof ones

January 21, 2017


This kind of bivy tents can be the most convenient ones you can get from the market. Lightweight,easy carry and fast pitching and taking down. They are usually one man tents, which is oriented to their pursuit of saving more weights. The most important quality that define it a good bivy tent is just the exact feature of bivy tents people will come into their minds when they buy them. Firstly, waterproof is the first factor that decide the performance of the bivy tent. Working as a shelter is a fundamental  function of the bivy tent, it should be much waterproof. Our bivy tent utilize premium quality 210T polyester to help this bivy tent to accomplish PU5000 mm water proof, suitable for moderate rain use. This kind of polyester fabric is very durable and heavy duty,which make it  the most widely used fabrics of camping tents. Paired with a guy rope and a tent peg, it can stay stable under windy conditions. In order to help this bivy tent achieve weight saving,  we use aluminum alloy to build his tent pegs as lightweight and heavy duty as possible. To achieve its weight saving, we only use the aluminum poles to hold up the necessary space for entrance and breathing space, so this bivy tent use less aluminum alloy to build 2 short poles to provide ample room. There is a entrance and a ventilation window on top of this bivy tent. Its door of the entrance have two layers, a mesh layer for more breathable and a polyester layer for water proof. You can zip the mesh layer of its door up and unzip the polyester layer to block surrounding mosquito while allowing air flow to make it very breathable sleeping in this bivy tent. Also, this bivy tent is very fast pitching, taking all the stuffs out of the carry bag, a tent body, 2 tent poles, one guy line and six tent pegs, these tent pegs are also made in aluminum alloy, lightweight and long life. Extend the tent body,and put the 2 poles through the two pole sleeves at the head area of this tent, stick each end of two poles into their respective joining rings at the ground area of this bivvy tent. Pull the guy rope up with a tent peg, and nail the other tent pegs around each connecting rope on the edge of tent ground to stablize this bivy tent, done. This one man 3 season tent is very suitable for camping, backpacking, thru hiking and minimalist backpacking. If this tent zipper Paired with a pulling knot or pulling rope for easy open and close,it would be a perfect one for camping. By the way, $57.99 for bivy tents of these quality is really a fair deal.


Tent dimensions:
Pole diameter: 8.5 millimeters
Floor dimensions: 89 * 30 inches / 225 * 75 cm
Floor area: 18.3 square feet / 1.7 m²
Height: 13.8 inches / 35 cm
Packaged weight: 2.2 lbs / 0.98kg
Packed Size: 4.7 * 4.7 * 19 inches / 12 * 12 * 48cm



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