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Tent tarp, how to use?

January 23, 2017


Whether you are going to have a backcountry camping, thru hiking or a common family camping, a tent tarp is a good shelter option for you. If you plan to have a family camping or a family picnic, you can erect a tent tarp to have a shelter to cover you in case of rainny or sunny weather abrupting your outdoor activity with your family members and enjoy the great outdoor with your beloved ones without worries of weather permissions. For family camping, the biggest feature of a tent tarp you require is a convenient shade, with much space for family members to sit down and cook, eat and have fun. So you need to have some tent stakes to erect the tent tarp up, and it will provide you a pretty good shade, paired with guy lines and tent pegs, you can have a stable shelter and sun shade to block rain and sun shine even in moderate winds and rains.  
And for the backpacking in backcountry area or for thru hiking, weight of the tent tarp override any other feature. In such cases you do not have to bring the tent stakes and tent pegs of the tarp tarp, especially when these accessories are made of heavy steel or iron alloy. You can just bring the guy lines and set your tent tarp up by tying it to several tree or branches close to each other with the guy lines. Or you can find some tough branches and stick it deep into the ground to make it firm enough to tie your tent tarp up with the guy lines you bring. Anyway guy lines are the essentials that you should bring into the wilderness. If There is much windy, or it turns into gales and starts to rain in the wilderslness, you can not have a dry shelter by tying all the corners of your tent tarp up in the air. In stormy circumstance, a tent tarp is not an appropriate tent any more, but If you only have a tent tarp with you in such situations, you can find some blocking area first. Such as a laid big tree, its big branch can block some winds and rains, you can choose one side of it that stand against the prevailing winds and rains, then stretch this natural shelter out into a roomy one for you by tying one side of your tent tarp to this shelter side of the big branch with your guy lines. And the other side of the tent tarp need to be tied as low as possible to block rains. It depends on the circumstance, upon your body height, the heightof the laid branch and weather there is any other stuffs for you to tie the opposite side of the tent tarp. As for the left side and the right side of your shelter, you can find out the prevailing winds direction first, and pile some branches and leaves on either left side or right side that prevailing wind blows to block the storm and make this artificial shelter dry. And leave another side out to allow air and make your shelter more breathable If it do not blows rain in.

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