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SPRING TOUR PLAN FOR OUR FOLKS: National Cherry blossom featival on Washington DC’s Tidal Basin

March 4, 2017

Spring time is coming folks, and the great outdoor is calling for us! So have you guys made a spring tour plan and enjoy the unique spring blossom. Among all of the parks and campgrounds or other sightseeing, the cherry blossom on Washington DC’s Tidal Basin is really worth a visit. National Park Service has announced the peak bloom period prediction for 2017. It’s between March 14 and 17. Please be cautious, the process of cherry flowers beginning as bud and blossoms into flowers and falling down and replaced with green leaves or bare branches only takes 3 weeks around.



 The 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival will be start on Wednesday, March 15, and last till Sunday, April 16th. In recent years, the blossom peak period has extended for several weeks after the festival, you may be able to enjoy a pretty good view of the cherry blossoms a little behind the festival as well. By the way, this festival is hold by a none profit organization called National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc., including many activities. For instance, the exhibits, and some show related to the cherry blossom and relation between US and Japanese. And there are parades, dances, fireworks concerts and unique cherry blossom theme exhibits. It’s such a wonderful place for spring outing.



The best time to visit this place is during March 18th and April 18th, which is the peak blossom period, and you will see piles of cherry flowers blossoming to their very best. You will never want to miss that as there are tons of guys head in this place to enjoy this cherry blossom festival in its peak blossom period. So although the parking service is free, they are really in a tight supplication at that time compared with the people who crowding in. Its totally free of charge which has boosted this place a really attractive one. This place do not require any tickets, there aren’t any gates or fences to restrict people from the trees, and these cherry trees are planted on public land cared by the National Parks Service. But it’s different when you guys visit in a large group and want to take a comfortable tour on bus or paddle boat, or cherry blossom themed cruises, as these buses or paddle boats are owned personally, you need to pay for their private owners for the transportation fare and enjoy the great cherry blossom scenery with your crew conveniently. There are also some voluntary rangers of the NPS to show you around the cherry trees and some other sightseeing or buildings like the FDR Memorial, John Ericsson National Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial end of Ohio Drive SW.



By the way, this place does do permit camping, and there is no special dining or BBQ area either. That means overnight stay in the outdoors there is not allowed. If you want to make a several days plan there, you may reserve a hotel accommodation ahead of time. There maybe so many visitors during the peak blossom period, so book that hotel ahead of time. Day constant shelter is OK in some designed areas, there is some relevant tent rental places also. Hope you have an excellent experience there!

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