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Canopy: choose appropriate ones and use in the right occasion

March 8, 2017


A canopy is designed or made to provide quick and easy shelter for your break in the great outdoors. It is really widely used for base camping, family camping, hammock camping and other outdoor activities like picnics and BBQ, they can really help you have a good time doing outdoor activities with your families or friends by shielding the rains, providing shelters for sun break or keep the annoying mosquitoes away.



 Photo from zeke

Any stuffs that can provide shelter to shield rains and supply sun shade for outdoor activities can work as a canopy. Particularly, a rainfly or a inner tent can work as a perfect canopy in some cases. For instance, this rain fly of our tent can be used as a canopy and provide reliable sun shade and rain protection. You can just bring this rain fly and its poles to set this rain fly up. Obviously, this shelter, only with rain fly is not able to keep mosquitoes away, unless you keep its doors closed. And all of the inner tents can be used as canopy. You can set these inner tent up with tent poles or just with your trekking pole or even some branches. This kind of canopy can provide good sun shades and they are really breathable in summer camping, and are capable of keeping the mosquitoes away.


Some of the fast shelter is specially made for providing sun shade and rain shielding. This kind of shelters is relatively bulky as they usually use thick canvas fabrics and iron or stainless steel alloy to make its poles and stakes in order to provide sufficient strength to withstand windy days. Because this kind of shelters do not have guy ropes or tent pegs to aid wind proofing. This kind of bulky fast shelter/canopy is usually used for car camping or picnic, BBQ in the courtyard.




 The sil - nylon tarps and some big ponchos also can work as canopy. These kinds of shelter usually have 4 grommets on the corners for campers to set it up with some stuffs like guy ropes. This kind of canopy, is usually called a tarp or poncho is very commonly used by hammock campers. If they do night camp in the wilderness, a tarp over their hammock is really necessary to cover them up for a comfortable sleep.  



Canopy is recommended bringing when you are on a car camping and expecting rain or at scout camp, partnered – up for several days. You would like to set up one over your picnic table. As it’s always more pleasant to cook/eat and not to be rained on. Some bush craft enthusiasts or thru hikers would bring a sil – nylon tarp with them as they will stay for more than one month in the forest and the wilderness, it’s more convenient for these experienced campers to use a canopy rather than a camping tent with rainfly, inner tent, poles, guy ropes and tent pegs packed together. And this kind of tarp is more durable and weight saving.


tarp camp in snow camp.


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