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Ultralight tent

March 10, 2017

Backpacking and hiking are always the good choices to relax yourself from work pressure and daily life stuffs. You can enjoy yourself when backpacking or hiking in the great outdoors or partnered up with your friends or partners to make the outdoor expedition more memorable and have more fun.


Inevitably, you guys need to have your own backpacking/hiking gears or do some appropriate rental work for that. So, the ultralight tent or lightweight tent is a good choice for backpacking or hiking. Ultralight tents required to be within 2 kilograms with all its parts weighed. Lightweight tents can weigh more than that but still being really lightweight for backpackers compared with other bulky low price tents. Usually, the ultralight backpacking tent tends to be 1 man tent. They are relatively lighter in weight as they used less materials to build its necessary smaller space to sleep one man unlike 2 or 3 men tents which require more room thus utilizing more materials to build and make them weigh more.



bivy 1

There are sorts of tents that can work as ultralight tents. For instance, a bivy bag can save  a great amount of weight in your backpack.  They are really portable, lightweight breathable and waterproof as our bivy bag fit it. Weigh 2.2 lbs only, rain fly use PU5000 mm coated nylon fabric, tent floor use PU10000 coated nylon, all taped seams to enhance water proofing. But these bags are kind of narrow tube bag, which make it only popular with the hiking or camping enthusiast who will not mid the tight sleeping space these bags can provide and they will have the tent door open if they feel like claustrophobic.




Another kind of professional hiking tent that fits ultralight tent requirements is our pyramid tent. This tent do not have any poles to aid setting up, it use your trekking or hiking poles, even some branches to make its erection. Weigh 2.2 lbs, rain fly use pu3000 mm 20D coated nylon fabric, inner tent use 210T polyester and high density fine mesh, tent floor use 55D pu5000 polyester. This tent is of professional design and it’s really popular with hiking and trekking enthusiasts.



7 P tarp

Tent tarps can also work as ultralight tent for backpackers. You can pitch them up by tighten them to trees or branches with just 4 guy ropes connecting to its grommets on the corners.  They are easy set up and with good waterproofing performance as well as provide sun break. Tent tarps usually refer to larger ones that can hold more than 5 people, smaller one of these shelters are called poncho or anything like that, but they are capable of having enough coverage for nearly 3 people.


Tentsile  Hammocks

Hammocks can also work as ulralight tents for hiking and backpacking. This kind of shelter is really lightweight and some premium built hammocks, like tentsile ones, that have rain flys and mosquito net can keep you from the elements and help to have a good rest at night.

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