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Backpacking Guide

March 11, 2017

As everyone knows it’s important to cut the weight in your backpack when you are going backpacking or hiking. It will help to release pain or stress on your back and aid covering longer trails and experience more of the mother nature.




 This does not refer to one day hike, but for longer ones like several nights’ hikes or week hikes. If you are on an one day hike or an after work hike for several hours, that’s a short hike, so some water and snags and a little first aid kit can make it your complete preparation. You do not need to bring any shelters for sun break or spend a whole night in the outdoors. You probably do not have any problem on package weight in that kind of occasions. However, when it comes to hiking on long trails for several days continually, or a one night hike, it requires you to bring much more hiking gears.  And you have more factor to be taken into account, like energy, hydration, clothing (especially when it’s in cold weather from late Autumn to early spring),  weather, terrain, first aid kit and son on.




 In the later case, it’s wise to scrutinize all the gears that you would like to take on your trip as you have more stuffs that need to be carried in your backpack for the hiking expedition. Find our the necessary gears that it’s really inevitable for this trip. You can start from their weight, the heaviest ones to the lightest ones, whether it’s indispensable to the trip, is there any alternatives that serve many ways and can replace this piece and relatively more applicable and lighter, cost less backpack space.  Turn to bring the multi - functional gears, it may help you reduce weight by replacing some item you will find it’s brought in vain. Or you can ask yourself, will this piece of gear worth its weight laid on your back and the tension or pain it brings. Choose the high expanse ones, they are specially built to provide extra uses and quality compared with common ones, they are usually of less weight, better performance and premium performance.




Here are some proper gear settlement in your backpack for the hiking beginners. Firstly, put the items that take up more space on the bottom of your backpack, like sleeping nags and sleeping pads, you can also pack the sleeping bag up with its carriage bag and tie it beneath your backpack, most of the hiking packs will have some cord or belt and the buckle for this attaching. It helps to bring more item in your backpack this way and can help release stress on your shoulders. Items that weigh most should be placed level off and piled up evenly, which will help distributing its weight equally. You can also spend more expanse on a quality water purifier so you do not have to bring gallons of water in your backpack. And you can search for premium lightweight tents to make your hiking trip more comfortable and memorable as better gears provides better hiking feelings. And practice makes perfect, you will find out your own way of packing a backpack that is an easiest way to carry and figure out the exact necessary gear for your hike when you have hiked it through.



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