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Giveaway Post

March 21, 2017






Hello, folks. We are having an Easter giveaway contest here, happy Easter! These gifts are from our local Amazon store, which have their package broken but the gifts themselves are on good condition, and we do not recycle them.


We will choose 3 person as winners, the first prize is the 1 man tent, second prize is the black footprint, the third prize is the gray footprint. Among all you folks, we will choose the third female get the third prize, the third male get the second prize, the third person counting backwards and get the first prize.  After announcing the winners, we will contact them to send their delivery address to us, so we can send the gifts to the winners ). You can see examples from the picture.

Folks, you can comment on the below comment area with the number of the according gifts ( 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3, so we can choose somebody to send out the footprint gift , 1 winner get 1 gift only ).  


ONLY AVAILABLE IN USA ( Folks from other countries or delivery address is not within USA can not take part in this contest. We will have UK contest and Canada contest in the weeks to come ).


Expiration upon JULY 25TH.


Link of gift 1: https://www.geertop.com/product-page/geertop-1-person-3-season-20d-lightweight-waterproof-dome-backpacking-tent

Link of gift 2 ( for 2 men tent ): https://www.geertop.com/product-page/geertop-1-3-person-ultralight-waterproof-tent-tarp-footprint-ground-sheet-mat-1

Link of gift 3 ( for one man tent): https://www.geertop.com/product-page/geertop-1-3-person-ultralight-waterproof-tent-tarp-footprint-ground-sheet-mat


So just comment and see who’s in good luck!



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