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Family Travel

March 22, 2017

My husband and I, together with my 5 years old daughter had the most distant travel ever from July 7th to July 22th, 2015. We spent 14 days travel around Melbourne, Australia. 


Route of our travel can be divided into 4 parts: Beijing - Brisbane, Brisbane - Sydney, Sydney - Melbourne, Melbourne - Beijing. And we spent 8 days for RV camping in the outdoors when we were in Brisbane. We had a close see at the humpback whale on Hervey Bay, enjoyed the sunset on Inskip Beach, observed crowds of pelican one the deserted islands of the Rainbow Beach, the Milky Way is clear above our heads every night, sitting around the bonfire to keep us thermal in the chilly nights, every night spent nearby the beach, within the forest were so fresh in my mind. And it became really memorable for us being able to share these exciting moments and experience with our 5 years old girl.

 We could feel that our daughter had gained incredible progress after this 14 days travel.



Our route totally takes 14 days. We spent the first 8 days in Queensland and the rest 6 days in Sydney and Melbourne.




Medical treatments for kids.

1. Be Kool fever tape.

2. Ibuprofen antipyretic

3. Chinese antipyretic

4. Biogebic Cold syrup

5. Abtei wound healing cream

6. Nasal soothing ointment of German brand

7. ORALPADON Glucose Electrolysis Solution

8. Repellent, 

9. Wound bandage

10. Medical intake kit for kids

11. Thermometer

12. Claritin

13. Vape


Insulation for everyone:

3 short sleeve shirts

1 long sleeve shirt

2 - 3 trousers, legging for kids

1 - 2 Hoodies

A cardigons

A down vest

A slice down coat

A set of pajamas 


Kinds of RVs

1. Campervan

This kind of car is converted from an ordinary hatchback car or a tall van, usually adopts only 2-3 people, their setback is without toilet and bathroom, less inner space. Advantages are also obvious: less fuel consumption, flexible driving, easy parking, cheap rental.


2. Motorhome

Usually home to 2-6 people or even 8 people, with comfortable and even luxury car facilities. There are toilets, bathroom, hot and cold steam, stove, microwave, TV and so on. Bulky, usually over 23' in length, 10' in height. This type of car rental is expensive, more fuel consumption, much driving cumbersome, suitable for vacation rather than hurry travel. In addition, this car also has a fatal flaw, two-wheel drive, so they can not access the national parks, sand and mountain. 


3. 4ED

4WD, also known as 4X4, four-wheel drive. ThIS is a small car converted by a four-wheel drive. The shortcomings of this type of car is of large fuel consumption, there is no toilet or bathroom, no kitchen or other configurations. The advantage is that you can enjoy driving in Australia's vast forests, beaches and national parks, and some even equipped with satellite phones and signal launchers, is the first choice for wild driving.


4. Storage

This is the most common RVs in Australia, users of these cars are the local retired elderly. A container, also known as a house, called Storage is attached behind a private car. The biggest advantage of this car is convenient and flexible. Because of their large volume and other factors, driving this car around in the city is still relatively inconvenient. You can DRIVE the FRONT private car to play around after unloading the attached house as you reach the camp.But this type of Storage is said to be only rented to the Australian locals, foreigners are not available to these cars.


And there are different levels of these RVs that charge differently according to their car condition and its equipment. Budget rvs as Jucy, Backpacker Campervans, Travellers Autobarn. Pemium Economy ones as Britz, Apollo. Luxury ones as KEA, Around Australia, Maui. All kinds of RVs should stay their night at campgrounds or parking lots( you should drive your RV away if there is sign saying no RV there ).




First day: Newmarket Garden caravan park

AU$52 check in. 

Daytime, South bank park

There are restaurants all over the park! Australians will really enjoy their life, on Saturday noon, as if all of the people in this city are sitting outside under sunshine to eat brunch, this is indeed some differences with the United States and Canada of fast pace. Although it is winter, there was brilliant and warm sunshine, we have to take off the sweater, only wearing short sleeves.


South bank park is not really a park, that is somewhere Brisbane people came to relax, stroll a place to wander around. There was a lively restaurant bar next to one side of the park, my friends took us to one of their favorite and had a trial of their signature sandwich, although the price is a little expansive, 14 Australian dollars for a small sandwich, but the taste was really awesome .And we had their Pancakes later, sold very well. Pancake seems to be one of the most popular foods of Australians. Unlike only treated as breakfast in other countries, no matter when it is in the morning, noon or evening, sweet and greasy Pancake are loved by everyone. In addition to our common maple syrup, Whip cream, there are a variety of different practices of berry. Australians will make Pancake salty - add to vegetables and even cooked with meat together! We can see that how Australians love Pancake.



First night on our RV.

The surrounding got dark early on August here. We were in total darkness at 6 o'clock. We cleaned the car inside up a bit, the bed was covered with our bedding drought from our country, the sheets came from the car were placed on the sofa by us, so it would feel better. Our daughter is very happy with this car, but we, not much, compared with the comfortable hotel or motels.



Lone Pine Park 

We saw many animals here, Koalas, Kangaroos, Sea eagle on the prey show. There are different regions and houses for older or elder koalas, "Mom & baby" area for baby koalas, "kindergarten" for small koalas and "retirement house" for older kolas. And we saw the sea eagle swallowed a living mouse as well, fascinating animal wold here.





Heading north to Caloundra

Dicky Beach Park

Guys new to here should check this location before, there were many information in the car renting company, you can find your destination and best routine there to explore most of the beautiful sights on Caloundra. There are many beaches along the coast, and the great Glasgows Mountains is behind these beach.


 Very clean and tidy, nice choice for rv camping. 




Then we went to the Dicky Beach and had fun there.



Hot Stone Steak for dinner

We found some nice restaurant on the opposite street of the Dicky Beach Park.


We had some fun on the beach the other day and went to our next station in the afternoon.



Hervey Bay

We lodged in a nearby outdoor vehicle campsite for 2 nights accommodation. It's an outdoor campsite, all RVs were parked on next to the trees, kind of neat, and the place we parked our RV was just around 10 meters to the sea. 


We forgot to bring any seasoner, but other campers nearby were very friendly replying to us if we need any other butter, ground pepper, olive oil and if we need some washing solution when we came to their cars asking for some salts only. 



We spent the third night there on Hervey Bay Caravan Park, and went to see the whales by boat on Hervey Bay, booked from a whale watching company.



Then the Rainbow Beach on Coolooca. So many Pelicans there.





Noosa Main Beach

Campground of 7th night: Johns Landing Camping Ground


Noosa Main Beach, was one of most famous vacation site in Queensland. It happened to be Sunday then, there were piles of people having fun on the beach. 




Royal National Park

We also visited  Darling Harbor, Circular pier, The Rocks, Hyde Park in Sydney and so on.




Melbourne Finally

Road trip on The Great Ocean Road 

It's  very chilly and windy, temperature vary greatly from morning to night. There were many impressive stones and scenery.




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