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Hike on the Karlanger Fjord

March 24, 2017

I came to Marseille purely just to find a transfer between Barcelona and Nice, did not have any expectations. But Marseille was out of my expectation which has become a big surprise among my trip to Europe. 


Traffic in the city

Traffic in Marseille is very convenient, there are a variety of modes of transport can choose, such as subway, tram and bus. And these modes of transport can be accessed through a 24-hour pass card, the price of it is not expensive, which only cost 5.2 Europe, and you can buy at the subway station, convenient to get and use. There is a little setback needed to mention is a lot of subway stations in Marseille are without escalators or elevators, I searched for a big circle did not find any, so friends who go to this place with big luggage should pay attention to that. Tram system in Marseille is quite good, spacious and tidy, smooth driving up, has become a beautiful landscape of Marseille.


Karlanger Fjord

Hiking on the Karlanger jord is the most important part of Marseille trip, I have been long for a very lone period of hiking the Norwegian fjord, but because of the distance, and the price is high, which made it failed to take place in Europe, so I thought hiking on the Karlanger jord in Marseille to make it up for my regret. 


Marseille's fjords are located in the suburbs, composed of eight bays. Generally there are two ways to watch the fjord, one convenient way is to go around its circle from the sea by boat in the old harbor, so that you can obsess all the fjords, the price  of boat aboard is probably Twenty or thirty years. The other way  is to hike into the Fjord National Park, so that you can only choose a few fjords for your tour, because I have a serious reaction on the seasickness, then i gave up the first way, and chose to hike to one of the fjords, Sugiton Fjord.


People who go to Sugiton should be the most, the traffic is also very convenient, you can take road 21Castellane ( bound for Luminy direction ) to its terminal, get off and go straight ahead, you will see a few railings on the entrance to prevent the car to get into this trail. Because the time I went to there was in the weekend, many locals were also doing hiking there, so I could find the way to  Sugiton Fjord basically follow the flows of people, if you want to find your own way, it is estimated be of a bit difficult. 

The roads of the whole mountain were very primitive gravel roads, some rugged. Both sides of the beginning section of the road are woods, we went straight for about 20 minutes. The roads bifurcates, although there were signs standing at the junctions, but I really did not understand what these German words saying about. So we decide to follow the trail that most people do. Actually, both the left and right roads were doable, but they were leading to different places. The one on the left was to the beach, you can also see the panorama of Sugiton Baythis if you select this road. The one on the right side was to go to the top of the mountain, you can see the whole area there. Suggesting that you can choose on road first and then turn back to head for another direction. 


Stumbled by our pace after the other people on the left road, there were all low bush on both sides of the road with a scene of semi-arid, we had to doubt that we were on the wrong way. 


We were considering whether to return to the original road, then after a turn on the road, suddenly vista crowding in, the fjord appeared in front of us. 


The moment we see the Gulf has made me felt that that the hiking is worthy, walking to the tourists also continue to issue exclaimed to express their entertainment. However, the seaside weather is really complicated, only after a little while, the weather began to turn cloudy.


Seeing the clouds grew thicker and thicker, as if it's going to rain, we had to make an unwilling  farewell to the Gulf, saving time to return to the original road. And we chose the other way to went up the mountain. This road was more gravel , so it is more difficult for us to pace.


But as we went higher we obsessed better natural scene, on either side of the road in the mountains , you can see the mountain and sea view.



Finally, the road to the peak was a bit steep and dangerous, but the steps were installed with iron fences, no need to worry about security issues. Be sure to climb to the highest peak, where the scenery will be amazing.


The weather is not much good tat day.  The clouds had been shrouded half of a mountain, it will certainly be more beautiful if it was in sunny days.


Because we began our hike in the afternoon, time was not particularly adequate, coupled with bad weather, so we came down from the top of the hill and hurried back to the Marseille city. In fact, if the time is abundant, you can also go down to the beach of Sugiton to experience the Mediterranean sea.





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