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Day Hike on King Lake in German

March 27, 2017

I had left two days for King Lake deliberately as I was afraid that the weather on the first day was not good for hiking, then there was another day left. But as I read the weather forecast, the next two days would be raining, and sightseeing in King Lake was the most in need of good weather, not good! Without other choice, we were ready to hike this lake in rain according to the original plan. It is worth mentioning that although the rooms in Bessenhof were not very good, but its breakfast was nice, especially sitting on the side of the window enjoying the coffee in the early morning while watching the invincible mountain scenery, we felt that the full payment of the room was spent on its breakfast.


Königssee, king lake
Konigssee is the deepest lake in Germany and it's 5 km south to Berchtesgaden, a small town on the German and Austrian border. It is a long and beautiful lake. Located at a height of 1885 meter Kehlstein mountain. In 1937, the hostel was built as a Hitler birthday gift, and then the Eagle Fort became a place where wartime Hitler entertained ally and met with the Gestapo, and now Eagle Castle has become a top restaurant and observatory. King Lake is surrounded by mountains in southern Bavaria, it's a lake due to erosion of the ice, very much like the Nordic fjord style, with clear water. This lake level as a mirror, Bi Shengmei jade, surrounded by mountains, steep mountains, feeling like being axed apart by a giant, by boat in the meantime, like a fairyland in general, known as the most beautiful lakes in Germany. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Bavaria Regentor Louis Boulder, proposed to protect the environment of the King Lake, ordered that all King Lake cruise ships were powered by electricity. So far, the quality of the water in this lake is still able to maintain drinking water standards.
King Lake is a national park, including Koenigssee, Obersee, Hintersee, Kehlsteinhaus, Eagle's home, Jenner, and the second peak in the Alps, Germany Watzmann, surrounded by the Ramsau Kirche, the Zauberwald, the Obersalzberg and so on. This park required around 20 euro dollars for entrance.



King Lake, Jena Parking Tips
King Lake has a large parking lot next to the information center. King Lake Cruise, Jena Peak cable car were stopped here. But if you want to go to the eagle nest, then, there is another place Oh, you need to estimate the time in advance. Pricing method of parking lot is 1 hour 2 euro, 2-3 hours 4 euro, all day 5 euro. It is recommended to buy for all day, because it really takes that long. With the discount card provided by the hotel, we only costed 2.5 euros, the cost of parking for the whole day is very cheap, many parking of the German attractions are cheaper than the urban parking. After paying the bill, put this small ticket on the window of the car to be checked.

We came to the parking lot at 8:30, there was no one around, did not see the said crowds of people, so that we did not know where to go after parking the car. We took out our mobile phone for navigation, Walking inside from the road in front of the information center, both sides were business shops not open yet, it is estimated that the business will be very lively when open. Nearby the lake, we could only to see few people had been sailing at the pier and so on. After taking a closer look, they were almost all Chinese people. This made us feel like we had booked whole of the lake round.


That day was cloudy, still praying that the high probability of precipitation said by an APP could be delayed and then delayed. Until we sat on the boat, ripples floated on the surface of the lake. And we had good dusk yesterday to the Ramsey church was the most beautiful dusk. 

About King Lake's most famous morning mist
Because of the rain, the famous morning mist of the King Lake floating from the lake to the mountains, tthe plan to take the first boat shooting formorning fog also sunk. King Lake has a high proportion of morning fog, to shoot the morning fog of the king should be on the boat at 9 o'clock at latest, the fog will be all dispersed at half past 9. 

Boat tips

1) To photograph the best angle of the Onion Chapel (St. Bartholomew buy the church) shown in the photo, please note that you should sit on the right side of the cruise, take the left side inthe return trip. 2) If you want to shoot the scene of captain's playing trumpet, it is recommended to sit on the open window, usually at the end of the boat. We can not open the window at our position, I only photographed the back of captain.

King Lake is a narrow lake, the boat went directly as it left the pier. In order to protect the purity of the lake, any motorboat was prohibited in the king lake since 1913. Nearly a hundred years have passed, the people who love nature drive an electric cruise ship, sailing on this piece of pure water, this piece of lake is also a famous part of the Berchtesgaden National Park, King Lake is not like the other lakes in Switzerland , where the private yachts were not allowed to enter. So the front is the two sides Castle Peak relatively standing out, we became the only one solitary shadow of the lake. Rainy hazy lake and the sky can not tell the exact color, only the hillside was full of pristine forests, constitute the major color scene.

Every time he ship went to the echo wall (echowand) of the lake, the captain would shut the engine and parked on the lake, and then opened the cabin, facing the direction of the open lake and the valley sounded the trumpet, sounded returned, and came the melodious Bavarian folk music. It is said that through the previous ship driving through this corner, the captain will call gunpowder, gunfire can be echoed 7 times. And now, depending on the weather conditions, you can hear 1-2 echoes. "The echo from King Lake" is the most famous reservation for the cruise ship.
At the end of his play, the captain will hold a hat to the passengers, and each person needs to pay 1 euro as a tip for viewing the performance.


After about 35 minutes, the ship docked at the first stop, St. Bartholomä Church, the view of the onion top in rainy days did not look so good as sunny days when it's so bright and fascinating. About 70 to 80 percent of the passengers were dropped off the boat here, after the boat restarted in a few minutes, the original crowded ship was instantly empty. I simply stood up, wander around the boat.


This kind of electric ship has been carrying people back and forth through the king lake for an inattentive 100 years. Full of early flavor of the cockpit, the captain did not notice that I was standing behind him, only focusing on the charming scenery in front of him.



Europeans like to travel with a baby of several months old, did not feel trouble. They also like to bring the dog to the lake, hiking and drinking coffee under the sun. The dogs here were so happy. Yes, King Lake also specifically had tickets for the dogs, 3.5 Europe for each dog.


Once pasted the onions top church, the boat left more than a lot of empty seats, and we found somewhere next a window to sit down, deeply sucked a deep breath of the lake to the fresh air. remember to find the seat close to the  window on the boat if you want to take pictures of the captain playing trumpet upon boarding. 


20 minutes later, we arrived at the salet pier on time. A sentence came to my mind: "The end of the King Lake is the beginning of a cold fairyland" is really because of the coldness, it is estimated that the temperature above the freezing level. The second reason is that it is filled with clouds, surrounded by mountains, really contrast the King Lake into a peerless Wonderland. I think, if the sunny king lake is one side, then what we encountered was the opposite side. Regardless of either side,  both worth a good appreciation.



Just getting on the pier, you will see this piece of road sign, which introduced the attractions and the related walking time around the lake. Looks dazzling, the most important information needed were two: 1) hiking from the pier to the lake takes 20 minutes 2) hiking to fischunkelam, which is the famous cabin that you can drink fresh milk there, and it is also the end of the lake on the trail, required 1 hour.


There is no accessible accommodation for tourists to stay on the lake, all the tourists hiking on the lake should leave by boat after their exploration. So , this place was kind of the ideal place in Walden.



The road from pier to the lake was the widest and most level one.



The landscape of the lake is quite curious, the rocks are rugged on the grass, and the rotten saws are lying on the sideway of the road, like an alien planet. Fairy tale like curl on the slopes was letting out cooking smokes, everything seems so unreal.



Going through this muddy path, you were expected to be obsessed with the heaven like upper lake.



Our witnessed lake were different from that in the eyes of others. Pictures of this lake from other travels was pure blue and transparent lake, and our lake was of deep green, clouds were floating in the space between the mountains like tattered cotton. Without any colorful color, the scene of lake is more like a freehand landscape painting, plain but soul touching. At the moment, the Obersee wave was as level as a mirror, do not see any trace of waves. Time condense at this moment, all your life floating like a dream.



The Chalet on this photo should be of postcard angle on the lake, and many people hadn't left much time to hike when they got here, immersed themselves in the surrounding for a while, took a few photos then leave. Therefore, this small wooden house is of much more photographed than the the "milk hut".



Hiking from here to the other side of the milk hut was officially estimated  took around 45 minutes, and about 1 hour and 15 minutes to the waterfall.



Come across this door, your hiking around the lake really starts. There was a Chinese girl standing in front of us in hesitation as the door closed wondering whether she could hike that day. I took a gentle push and the door opened. I think this door is closed all the year round, we mustn't be scared away by the shutting door.



The trail are covered by towering trees, muddy and slippery, and you must keep an eye on your foot. We took photos while hiking on this trail, and it took 2 times of the official estimated time for us to get to the opposite side. Before we stepped onto this area, the map of the Swan Fort said that the pace of German was slow, but people there were good at hiking. We were surpassed by countless local people, and even adults with 2 or 3-year-old children, the children went on their own feet, but also hike faster than us. It seems that in Germany, hiking outdoors start from the baby.



Quality of water in King Lake meet the drinking standards, and water is more than the kessel Lake outside, visibility up to 3' 11''. I really want to have a mouthful of these water if its not that cold.



It is said that the Ludwig II at the expense of a large number of fertile land in exchange for this lake from the Austrian king, his love for this lake is evident. Although there is no significant performance when Ludwigsh reign's on power, but it was also considered a merit that this king left two scenic spots, the Neuschwanstein Castle and the King Lake for their country.



We've been always thought that the gravel road was of most rotten, but seeing this. The There wasn't any travel daily of this trail without complaining about it rotten, difficult pacing, I am glad that I was on a sports shoes that day. This is called the most difficult path of the whole trail and it was not short, we need to climb the mountainside, and then climbed down. What's worse, we met the rain, the difficulty doubled. We had to hold the cable tightly to stop us from slipping, and we found palm on our hands was grinding red after this path. So we had to pave ahead with both our hands and feet, which do not leaving any possibility for trekking poles! When encountering passersby from the opposite direction, we also had to stop aside to offer access. We carry the camera tripod to climb this rotten road which had torn me down nearly. Foreigners who walk up quite relaxed also laughed when seeing my NB shoes and ridiculed the next minute: oh ~ nice hiking shoes! Dumbfounded, I determined to go to Munich and buy a pair of sturdy hiking boots. Finally, we know why some people do not come on foot, maybe not because there was not enough time, but this road is too tortured.



We climbed up to the peak of the mountain and took photo of the upper lake. Three sides around this lake were surround by the mountain, so the was no wind basically.  The mountains and the sky was reflected on the surface of the as thought they were in a mirror. This is the clearest reflection I have ever seen in my life.



The lake is like the opposite of the sky, they were almost mixed for a while, and we couldn't tell which is the object, and which one is the reflection. Rain gradually stopped, the clouds are still filling, "Green cloud tends to rain, reflective water seems to smoke" - quoted Chinese classical poetry to describe the most beautiful lake in Germany did not violate its meaning.



We were around our destination when this cottage was on our sight.


 When we were about to take this photo, the black cow behind started defecating! Such a photo with smell.


 We enjoy the scene here after the long hike.


Everyone recommended milk from the above cabin, whose pasture was on its side, fresh no doubt. But we unanimously said that we aere not used to this drinking, we may be accustomed to the multiple processing milk. That this cup of milk smell very heavy, and a layer of unknown objects floating on the surface, looking not too cool. Apart from coffee and tea, the Germans do not have the habit of drinking hot drinks. Intake such a large cup of cold milk won't feel good in such cold weather. Chinese people here will be served with milk based on the Raiders and foreigners with beer, coffee, snacks on their table , much better choices than we have.



 It was midday when we were down here, the sky got clear and we could take clearer photos.


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