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England Hiking Dairy

March 29, 2017

Day 1

March 25 Easter Friday
Early in the morning in South London, we had been prepared for the thought that the first day of Easter travel was bounded to have traffic jam on the road, but the it was really smooth all the way.
Billingford Windmill was the windmill on the roadside as we were driving through, then we stopped to have a look.
IP21 4HL is a zip code that you can park you car on the road near the The Horseshoes Bar.

Billingford Windmill was first constructed in 1860, more details.

Some of the windmill can be accessed in special planned period.



After leaving Billingford Windmill for more than 10 minutes, we came to the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum: Zip Code NR35 1NZ - (Tickets Free) A Aviation Museum (official website: , Free parking in the inn yard, or you can also stop outside the gate.) A lot of aircrafts, related equipment, posters and other stuffs of World War I, World War II indoor and outdoor. 



Leaving the air museum, we came to Bungay town, had lunch, but because it was at noon of public holidays, many restaurants did not open.
And finally, we came to a Thai restaurant (Bahn Thai, Zip code: NR35 1AG).
Bungay town had a ruin castle called Bungay Castle.


After lunch, we started the first short hike.
Walk 15: NR35 1DS, Bungay, according to this zip code, we will be navigated to a road, and exactly, this place should be seen on the Google map: Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club, got access into a path from the island, and there was a free parking lot on the right hand side in front of the golf course .
When we got there, the ground was still relatively dry, but if it rains a few days ago, there may be more muddy in some places. Good weather for kayaking.


Along the way down the river, all the scenery were almost the same, we met some people kayaking on the river. There were two big houses on the other side of the river. There was also a farm grazing cattle. 


We cut our way to the Walkway through the golf course and completed this short hike.

Then we drove more than ten minutes to the next location:
NR34 9BH, Beccles Marsh Trail 

In accordance with the zip code, there is free parking.

The town of Beccles is the beginning of the hiking route.


Scenes were alike.


The weather forecast indicated that today is the windy weather, wake up early to see the outside sunny day, so once again came to the beach. 



It was windy in the morning nearby the beach, and we were blown with sands.
Trail plan in the morning: Berney Arms Windmill (we had seen a lot of beautiful photos shoot of this windmill)
Because the amount of trains driving from Berney Arms to Great Yarmouth was very limited, and there was only a train on 12:03 pm that suitable for our time. According to the route of the tips, this road takes 2.5 hours to our hiking trail. So we finished breakfast quickly, setting off as soon as possible to start this tough hike.
There were several major car parking lots in the city of Great Yarmouth where you can park your car for free throughout the day. We parked at a parking lot not far from the train station (Fullers Hill Car Park, NR30 1PR).


Really windy on the whole trail, there was basically river or pools on our left, and railways on our right, sometimes grasslands, wetlands, but not any hills or houses to block the wind.



And we went to the Berney Arms Windmill windmill finally.

The Berney Arms Windmill is one of the tallest (21.5m) windmills in the Broads region, located on the banks of the River Yare, and was built in 1865 for grinding cement, but was used for drainage in 1883, replaced by pump in 1948. It is managed by English Heritage now.



We came back to the hotel for lunch and had a little rest and continued the afternoon trip ... ...
Trail site: Chedgrave (NR14 6NF)
This small village was very quiet, the car was very small, we parked the car in a space outside the church.
After half of our trail and we saw a sign noting us that the two bridges in front of the trail were washed away by the flood and there was danger there, so the remaining trail was closed. So we had to return.



After driving for another few minutes, we arrived at another trail: Langley with Hardley (NR14 6BU)
There was a cross between the River Yare and the River Chet.


We saw the  NR31 9HG - St Olaves Mine mill (an industrial park parked on the other side of the river) on our way back.
Wooden structure, built in 1910, and in contrast with other windmills, this windmill was really in a "mini" shape.


Ormesby Little Broad, NR29 3AA, we hiked this lake area first today. There were many lakes in this area, and one kind of rare animal, water deer live in this place of England.


Then we drove more than 10 minutes to:
(Zip code: NR29 3BU) Thurne windmill (stop my car on the roadside in the village, the roads were relatively empty)
We had been longing for several days to see the sailboats, ~ and we finally see them today !




Thurne windmill was different from other windmills as it's characterized by its white facade.
The windmill was located on the banks of the River Thurne and was built in 1820. Historical photographs show that it was not a white faucet at first, or because its  perennial ysage which had made the wall "dirty".

In half an hour or so, there were several boats sailing through. And there was another windmill in the distance.



The next 10 minutes by car went through a path to NR29 5PG, Ludham to How Hill. Opposite the house was an abandoned windmill for rental during vacations (the first floor was the parking garage, and the upper floors were the area for living and accommodation).



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