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Trekking in Norway

March 31, 2017

I took the plane to Oslo, capital of Norway from  Pudong Airport, ShangHai China with other fellows.

 We enjoyed ourselves in this city for the first day.






And we set off for Stavanger the following day. The weather was very cloudy and it was drifting rains from time to time. We were so worry about the weather in Norway before we came here, and it really came up as we expected. There had proves during the whole trip, cloudy days were more than sunny days. Nevertheless, the cloudy world of Norway has enough attractions for people to indulge themselves in an unique feeling. All the way Towards Stavanger around  the fjord, we got some greetings from time to time from the roadside . 






The end of the winding road was the parking lot, and all visitors must get off here, and then walked to the miracle stone. We were in bad luck, when we got to the parking lot, it became really rainy, so we had to buy a raincoat in the parking lot side of the shop. This raincoat cost 120 Norway France. We were regretting not bringing them from home, where the sale price was also very good ~)! 



Although we had checked the maps and trail ahead, and the first section trail of he mountain is the most difficult path, because its the steepest. 

We started our hike in the afternoon, and only after a short time before we could get to the first mountain, one of our friends have her shoes wet to the inside because of the lack of hiking estimates, she was wearing a permeable sneaker shoes & ordinary pants, even wearing a raincoat, seeing the muddy road and slippery steep stone walls, she gave up and went back to the hotel. 

Then, the other two partners and I continue our hike, and due to the rain, the road is not good to go, the stone was relatively more slippery, we could only pace forward relying on trekking poles and chains, we three people hold each other in the rain and fog forward slowly.




Rain stopped, the clouds drifted over from time to time, we were in the clouds, feeling like being in a wonderland.




After reaching the first hilltop, the clouds were spread away, the feeling is very impressive, I could feel that the hills were so small under our feet. Looking down the way we have been through, I could feel that it's really tough!


After summit the second mountain, you can see a stream, the water is very clear and with drinking standard, nice hydration option.



At this time, our partner L has said he did not want to climb any more, and could not climb, we were encouraging, "we have summit 2 mountains, and it's too pity to give up now!" So,  we began to climb the third mountain. Trekking the third mountain was also difficult, we hold the thought that the miracle stone is approaching and kept on moving. Only after summit the peak could we found that there was a long distance to go (we had not examined the map thoroughly!). At the later trekking time,  our pace had slowed down, we rested now and then. When there was about half an hour left to the peak, our partner L said that he really could not walk, and also would like to leave some physical strength down, determined. So, W and I continued to move forward, and L stayed in the same place waiting for us, do not leave. We speed up the pace, because the path was almost flat,  it do not took much strength.



Seeing the logo on the photo, indicating that you are not far from the sight. The next section was very difficult to walk, there were snow, water, especially the last one or two hundred meters, we were sandwiched between the two mountains on the narrow line, together with the above covered snow, and the the small waterfall formed by melting water rushed to these stone, accidentally slippery. After the struggling, our eyes suddenly see the light, that is the miracle stone! 




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