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Grand Canyon Hiking Tips

April 6, 2017

 Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most famous national park in USA with much beautiful attractions, vast variety of landscapes and the well known Colorado River. There are approximate 5 million people visiting this park annually and have a good time there. However, according to the NPS, nearly 250 people are rescued within this area per year due to their lack of acknowledgement and preparation of the trails and conditions. 

You can find some tips for hiking on the grand canyon below.

Find the most popular trail for beginners. The bright angle trail is the most popular trail in this area, most popular route around the Colorado River. Although this trail is not the shortest one, it owns most water filling site and rest area where you can have the best location and most comfortable condition to witness the spectacular scenery. 


And day hiking is appropriate for beginners and it's relatively more enjoyable and easier pacing. If you want to hike as far as you can go in a day, then you should set a timeline and decide when to hike back or when you can reach the accommodation destination before sunset in order to make sure that you have left enough body strength, water and food to accomplish your hike. Please be cautious, the hiking trails of the Grand Canyon National Park can be steep, rugged and desert. 

 Weather of this area can be really extreme as it's almost rugged lands. Especially in summer, temperature of bottom of the canyon can be up to 110 degrees and it still remain cool in windy, high altitude rim. And temperature differ vastly from midday to midnight as it's desert landscape and could not keep heat effectively while being heated swiftly. Thus, it requires better preparation for hydration and energy. As the environment of this park is relatively dry, you should intake more water than usual hikes, and there isn't much water refill sites on its trails, some trails even have none  water refill sites. In order to avoid dehydration, you need to know more details at the visitor service office, consult the rangers around intake and bring plenty water before you start hiking. Please be noted that no permission is required for non- commercial hiking, but camping or overnight hiking should get permission from the visitor service office.  


Moreover, hikers should pack light and have the appropriate shoes for your hiking. If you are going to hike a long trail, like trail of rim to rim one, rim to river, rim to river to rim, you should wear durable , lightweight hiking boots instead of running shoes or tennis shoes which are only suitable for short trails of very few miles. Most hikers visited this park would like to bring photography devices with them, some bulky ones and heavy camera equipment are not appropriate for long trails except for the experienced hikers with thorough planning. Contrary, things like hats, sunglasses, sunscreen are initials for your pack list to hike the grand canyon.


Most importantly, you are the person who know yourself best during hiking, and listen to your body if you get really tire or dehydrate and do not have much water left because of you have underestimated hiking on the grand canyon. If you are not feeling well anytime, anywhere on the trail, you need to have a rest or go back and withdraw your former plan. Most people find hiking on the grand canyon national park is more difficult than they expected. Back home or back to your accommodation and have full preparation for next hiking on these trails and make it more enjoyable and memorable.




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