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Hiking on Rocky Mountain

April 7, 2017

Waked up in the early morning, it was cloudy in banff, but there was pretty nice weather in lake louise. We decided to visit this lake on Rocky Mountain in such good occasion when we could obsess the most beautiful scenery.


Lake louise


Lake moraine


After diving out of banff, the weather became really fine and we got blue sky.


This bridge is said to build for the animal to come across the highroad.



Seeing the snow mountain ahead of us, we can know that we were approaching the lake louise.




We did not stay much long on the way and heading straight to the first site, lake moraine in order to get a parking place where there's not far away from the lake so we do not have to walk a long way. And we would like to take our time to picture the best shadow of the lake in a day.



Apart from the lakeside, we could see the beautiful scene of the ten peak mountains, we got there relatively early, so there wasn't much cars on the road.


Lake moraine is a glacier lake surrounded by the ten peak mountains, hovering around 1 mile 300yd, and it covers an area of 0.5 square kilometers.

There are numerous pieces of small stones contains sufficient minerals and they have piled up for ages which make this lake blue and green, the end of the was block by a natural dam form by rocks, and name of this lake, lake moraine was derived from this situation.  And it was said the about a century ago, Tom Wilson, engineer of Pacific Ocean railroad Doctor Walter Wilcox discover this lake for te first time, Doctor thought that there were much moraine piles up and form this lake, so they named it lake moraine. 


After parking our car, we were heading for the spotting platform, which is also called the Rockpile Trail that was a hiking trail filled by rocks for around 437 yd. Trekking a bit and we got to the top of a hill, 30 yd high, where we could get better view of the lake moraine.

Standing on top of the mountain,  you will see a perfect reflection of the ten peak mountains on the surface of the moraine lake. Though picture of this view have been witnessed uncountable times on screens of phone and desktop of computer, but we were surrendered by the scenery of this lake, even though there wasn’t any shinning golden mountains. Whatever direction you are seeing from on the hills, the pine trees will be your front view.


There was clear and layered color, green, yellow, white, blue in order when seeing from the sunshine direction.



Of course there weren’t be few visitor in such well known attraction, you could see the visitors crowded up there. Many of them were in troop, groups after groups.



Got down to the lake and had a close look at it.



We had hiked the sunshine meadows before, and the larch valley trail is recommended also.


Then we went to the lake louise directly, it's the most famous lake in the Rocky Mountains.


We selected the fairview lookout trail, and it's around one mile, 45 minutes round trail, 100 meter elevation gained.

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