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Hiking on Wilcox Pass Trail, Canada

April 8, 2017

Pyramid Lake, Medicine Lake

Jasper Town has the feature that all commodity towns share, busy, front stores are everywhere. We found a Chinese canteen and have lunch there. The dishes they served were with sufficient food, twice as much as other restaurants do at our hometown. But they were in alike style as their jardinière were the same. There were many attractions around this town, but we have to pick some sites that were most attractive to us because we do not plan to spend much time at this area.



Wilcox Pass Trail:

It rained last night, and there was thick fog lingering on the hills in the morning. That’s not a good day for sightseeing! So we got out later and hoped that the fog will escape a bit.

It was dark when we got to the trail head of the Wilcox Trail, but we had to start our hiking plan and began to trek up the mountain.



Scenery on the trail, pacing through the primitive trail, we saw a few mushrooms, agarics and plants alike. And we came across some squirrels now and then. A spot on unique altitude.


Parker Ridge Trail

The foggy condition became released, and part of the sky became blue. And we headed for the next trail: Parker Ridge Trail. And the weather got better when we arrived at the trail.


This trail covered around 2 miles, and it will be a little difficult for beginners. And we had open sight on the whole trail.

And it was windy on the spotting platform when we had struggled there. We can witness a lake at the bottom of the mountain and a snow mountain in the distance.


But it rained after a while, we had to went down the mountain as we did not bring any rain shelter or umbrella. And it stopped raining when we had paced half of the trails down the mountain, such a pity that we could not experience these two trails much.


Lake Peyto

We parked our car next to the spot site, and walked approached it.


It is a beautiful lake with milky blue color.


Lake Bow

Water in this lake is not so colorful as that in Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, but its much clear and impressive paired with the snow mountain behind it. This lake is very suitable for taking pictures, there isn’t much visitors and less crowded.







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