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Road Trip and Sun Rise Grand Canyon

April 9, 2017

The water was pretty blue.



The museum charged entrance fees, so we only took a photo there.


The parking lot on the dam required $10 parking fees from 8 am to 5 pm. We drove to the other side of the dam, and park our car on the open parking lot which did not charge any fees. It wasn’t far for us to walk to the dam, but it was too sunny.


As a matter of fact, there was another parking lot that charge $10 parking fees near the open parking, and many Americans parked their cars there. We thought that was pretty unbelievable, why would they spent another $10 to park their cars on a parking lot just next to a free open parking, were they too rich?


We left Hoover Dam and drove to the Grand Canyon.


We passed by a small city called Kingman where there was a great highway goes through, which is named as the mother road by the Americans , 66 high road.


We received help from other people around, told us how to do it right as we do not know how to use the gasoline filling handle.




Please note that TOMTOM GPS will lead you to drive on a section of the road 66 if you have navigated from Kingman to the Grand Canyon while GOOGLEMAP will navigate you to drive on another road. But the former route will cost another one hour, but there was better scenery and less crowded on the road. We have chosen the former route and missed the time for the sun set on the Grand Canyon.


We had lunch on a popular restaurant, Mr.D’z root beer floot


We could see the sweet corn field, Indian reserved areas and vast area of desert paired with many cactus one the yellow land.










TOMTOM GPS lost its way when we were here, and happily we could find our way on Google map.


You can select accommodation on the grand canyon or on the village nearby. It’s more expensive to accommodate in the park but its more convenient also. Less expensive to sleep on hotels on the nearby village, and you can have overnight camp in the park also.


Some of the sites do nor have the permission for car accessibility. So the national park has several trails of bus visiting for visitors. If you would like to watch the sun set, you can park your car on Visitor Center and take the blue line bus to the place where you can change to red line buses on Hermits Rest Transfer. Please note that the last red line bus will set off on 18: 27, and we found that we had just missed the park perfectly.

So we have to watch the sun set around the parking lot.






We got up at 4: 20 am the day after. And went to see the sun rise. Sun rise and sun set is the most attractive period of this park. Generally, it’s known to all that the Hopi Point is the most typical and best place to watch sun rise and sun set, and there will be crowds of people here to watch sun set. Fire alike rocks and its shadows on the surrounding rocks was the fundamental scene of this area. As far as sun rise, the Lonely Planet and NPS newspaper recommend the Lipan Point as the best watching site. Other sites like Yaki Point, Yavapai Point, Navajo Point and Desert View are recommendation for watching sun rise.




We chose the Yaki Point to watch the sun rise and take the orange line bus there.



Americans would like to sit by the cliff, but we think it dangerous.


The color of the sky was really beautiful before sun rise.



I could not help thinking of what if anyone falls into the cliff as I took picture of the downside scenery on the mountain. There was few restrained measurement on the cliff and the edge of the mountain.





The whole valley was bathed in sun light the moment when the sun hopping over the horizontal line of the valley.
















Such warm color of the mountain under the shining of early rising sun.




Much chilly on the mountain in the morning. And I was on layers.







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