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Horshoe Bend Hiking

April 10, 2017













Horshoe Bend is one section of the U shape river bend of Colorado River in Arizona, and it’s also a small section of Glen Canyon. As this river bend goes around a Horshoe shape rock, this river bend is called Horshoe Bend. Top of the steep stiff is a ideal place for taking pictures. The elevation of this cliff is 4200 foot, and the Colorado River is on an altitude of 3200 foot, with 1000 foot total falling height.



This place is attractive to many photograph enthusiasts.


There was not any restrain measure on the steep cliffs, and the visitors will be relatively more cautious when they are standing there. But if you really want to take good photos of the landscapes and scenery, you can take it this way.


The Horshoe will expose its total spectacular landscape to you only when you are standing next to the cliff. It’s well known that the grand canyon is fantastic, and we all have a vision of this place in our mind, but this spot really astonished us and it’s more splendid than the grand canyon itself. So thrilling while peaceful, these two contradictory feelings have integrated completely in this place.


It’s such outstanding work of mother nature, the river cut deep into the layer of the rocks and lands to shape it as round, solid mountain with plain top and steep circle. The blue Colorado river run slowly from northwest and bend for 270 degree around the giant red sandy rock, then run out towards southwest and forming the giant Horshoe Bend.



The boat looked very small in the river leaving a long circle of wave behind it.


Scenery of the Horshoe Bend varied greatly in a day, it was a green river in the midday, and when it’s at dusk, the river will reflect the color of the surrounding rock wall, which make it more attractive.


The surrounding scenery became more fascinating when nightfall.







We slept on the hotel that night.


Tips for hiking this site:

1. Bring all your necessities, there was more than one kilometer trek king over the red ground hill from the parking lot. And if you forget something on your car or accommodation, it will take you half an hour at least and this will usually waste your best time to take good photos.


2. Use triangle frame if possible, be away from dangerous areas, like cliffs, if you do not have a camera frame, you would better lay down on the ground when taking photos near the cliffs to avoid accidents.


3. Wide angle frame recommended. You can take whole anger pictures of the Horshoe Bend only if you have a wide angle frame.


4.Midday and dusk is the best time to take nice photos.


5. It’s all natural here, no tickets or fences, no working staffs or rangers, and without guard bar either. So, please be cautious.


6. There is a Walmart Supermarket on the road to the exit, you guys may do some shopping there.



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