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Antelope Valley Photography Tips

April 11, 2017








The best time to visit the Antelope Valley is at midday from April to September as the typical sunlight bar only being visible during this period. And because this place is a reservation of Indians, the entrance fee of this valley have been raised constantly these years. And most people will visit this place by joining the visiting tour or photographing tour organized by several Indian companies on Page.


This is the visitor center where we booked our Indian visiting tour, close to the motel where we accommodated. We recommend that you should be there half an hour in advance, take your booking receipt( print out the email they sent you as you place the order ), pay (can use credit card and ). The visitor center inform us not to wear Contact lenses, and prevent sands being blown into your camera by wrapping it with plastic bags. Common visitor tour will take this kind of Pickup trucks to the Antelope Valley.



There was a ceremony before our depart, the Indians will dance and most of us will offer tips for the performance.



You must book for your visit to the Antelope Valley. You need to choose a particular day and time there. As a matter of fact, there are two local travel agents. And we prefer this one. We chose the 10:30 am tour and we got to the valley at midday that the sunlight can shine into it directly.

Please note that you must bring triangle frame if you go with a photograph tour.




Antelope Valley is divided into Upper Antelope Valley and Lower Antelope Valley. You must follow after an a Indian tourist as you get into the Antelope Valley. However, you can visit the lower Antelope Valley could allow you visit on your own, the tourist fee have to pay yet. Among these two sections of the Antelope Valley, the scenery in the upper valley is more attractive with its most featuring sunlight bar. Most visitors will visit this place, as there isn’t any hiking activity here, visitors can easily take the 4X wheels to approach the entrance of the valley quickly.





Conversely, the lower Antelope Valley require you to hike their on foot. Accompany with the deserted routes in between, not many people would like to get there. However, this is a good chance for the photographers to take good pictures.




It took us around 40 minutes to get to the Antelope Valley, and it bumps greatly on the road, keep an eye on your close belongings and remember to bring sufficient water.



Our tourist was a Indian woman, she was pretty funny and humorous. She asked where we came from and described the featuring condition of the Antelope Valley to us and told us to follow her instead of changing to other tours. She asked what my name was during the tour, and because my Chinese name was difficult for her to pronounce, she named me SUSI, and everyone in the troop call me SUSI then… In order to enable us to take photos of  the sunlight shining into the narrow valley, she spread handfuls of sands into the corresponding space now and then, and stopped to point at a unique stone and said that, look, doesn’t this place like Lincoln’s face? … This is his nose, the chin here… And ask us how Lincoln pronounce in our language.




Every company will arrange several visiting tour to this place per day. Because these companies are Indian ones, departure time of each tour in same period of time will differentiate a bit. So there will be a distance between two tours, which can make it easier for the explanation of the guides and provide convenience for the visitors to take photos. But frankly speaking, you will find it doesn’t work effectively after you getting into the valley as there are so many people.




About the typical sunlight bar, you have to take some tricks if you want to take some nice photo of them. Tourist of the photograph tour troop will bring a shovel and spray shovels of small sands toward the sunlight direction after we erected our triangle frame and ready to take photos of the light bar.







The rocks only have sands rolling down on their surface when the tourists spay sands to them constantly.





The tourists will tell you something special you can take some photo of in unique places and angles.







The photograph tour troop is different from the common tour that your only purpose here is to take pictures. You should not expect that one hour in the photograph tour would be very comfortable and easy, you will in a narrow hurry as a matter of fact in an hour within the valley. Because the valley is of crowds of people, we only have very limited time on each photographing spot and we have to figure out the best photo scenery and its relative light exposure, it’s nothing like a piece of cake. The tour guide have to be well aware of the specific time and location of the appearance of sunlight and communicate with the following common tour initially to inform them to wait for minutes in order to provide space and time for photographing of the photo taking tour. So the photography tour own kind of privilege from this aspect. And it’s exactly because of this occasion that the photos taken by the photography tour contains kind of confusion, you will see there is no one in the valley like a wonderland, but as a matter of fact, its full of people.




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