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Pop Up Tent-How to Take Down and Stow

May 12, 2017


Pop up tent is one of the most popular type of recreational camping tents. Its perceived striking feature is that it’s the fastest set up tent on the market. Just remove it from their storage sack and release the straining rope and toss it away, it will pop up instantly. This is what its name derive from. There are more and more people enjoy camping these days. This kind of pop up tent is very easy and fast pitching and they are getting much popular with camping beginners or other camping enthusiasts of RV camping or nearby park camping for the weekend together with beach camping or outdoor picnics and camping in the garden or a courtyard. You can bring this kind of pop up tent for your outdoor trips with family or friends.

 There are larger pop up tents that can easily accommodate 4 adults and 2 children for their night stay in the outdoors and work as daytime sun and rain shelter, keep the annoying mosquitoes away in its cool and dry tent body. And if you prefer single camping or camping with another one or two people, you guys can choose smaller ones or bring larger ones to provide you with more spacious room inside if the overall weight is out of consideration as you guys are car camping. Anyway, all camping tents will be designed to be more lightweight and portable as you guys would like them to be. But larger tents tend to be bulkier as they required to use more sturdy and heavy duty materials, bigger poles and more tent pegs and guy ropes to make itself sound. So, when it comes to pop up tents, especially larger pop up tents as their tent poles are larger than that of the smaller pop up tents, they may come up with problems when taking them down. Such problems will never occur on small pop up tents for one to two person use as they are easily fold up in piles of ways.

There is no doubt that all pop up tents use fiberglass poles to make it flexible while sturdy to hold the tent up. This kind of poles bend more easily but will not break down when taking the pop up tent down and stow it well. You can fold up this large, one of the largest pop up tent on the market to sleep 4-6 person (4 adults, 2 children) comfortably, fiberglass instant tent in a minute in my way, which make it very convenient to use. Instant up, and take down and stow it well in a minute, which make it stunning as you can fold this huge tent down, compress it with its strain rope and stow it in its portable sack in a minute on your own! No kidding, it just take one adult or a teenager to fold this tent up and stow it well in a minute. Firstly, you need to fold this pop up tent in two narrowly equal circles from the window area by twisting half of the overall tent pole for a circle and press the folded two circles as one. You need to separate the folded two circles into two equal ones if you can not divide them into two equal circles for the first time and fold it up. Now comes the challenge, you need hold the poles of the small circle of the tent poles hard and make them lay on the ground as an ‘8’ shape. And key feature here, you need to press the upper pole with your feet or leg and fix the knot to prevent the upper pole from hopping up, in which way you can not fold the folded poles for the second time. After folding the poles for the second time, this tent is totally taken down, you can fix it with its strain rope now and store it in the portable sack.




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