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Backpacking Tips for Beginners

June 5, 2017

 Away from the crowded local trail and busy car campground, there are other more immersive outdoor experience for backpackers. Backpacking provides a richer, more rewarding obsess of the natural world. Packing your life essentials on your back will be liberating and physically challenging.


So, if you have made up your mind and go for a one or two night’s hike, it’s better to find a partners firstly, preferably an experienced one or more as you can share gears, tips and experience from them to make your hiking trip more enjoyable and would help cover longer trails. For example, if you o hiking with another partner, you can share a 2 men tent with your partner to help cut one of the backpack weight. If you can not find any experienced partners, it’s smart and will have more fun to go hiking with one other person, especially for the beginners.


Then, you guys can decide your hiking route, whether a round route or a point to point one. Usually a point to point one will be more enjoyable and exciting if well prepared as you will experience more unique scenes than a round route and go back on cars, buses or other transportations instead of on foot so you can have a nice rest and a good time to have a full reflection of the hiking experience. And you need to keep an eye on the elevation gain, this means how much elevation you move up or fluctuate up and down as these kind of hiking route will make it much harder compared with the flat routes. One another factor is distance. Decide how many miles and hours you and your hiking partners are comfortable hiking in one day, especially when you are on heavier-than-usual pack. These above two factors will decided on the weaker shaped one or the heavier packing among you and your hiking partner, backpack weight and body condition. Always remember to check before you go, check the weather condition and day time, the place on the route where you can have a rest and fill up your water bottle.


It’s very important for the backpacking beginners to keep their backpack lightweight and get things ready. There are so many outdoor gears and equipments that you really want to bring with and enjoy more of your hobbies, like skiing, skating or fishing while you are backpacking, but you are backpacking for the first time and do not familiar with the site you are visiting. Remember that too much weight on your backpack will ruin your outdoor trip even though you want to bring these comfortable luxurious gears and equipments and make your backpacking trip enjoyable. But on the contrary, this will only overwhelm your backpacking trip and these overkill gears will be the burden to stop you from pacing forward as you pile up your mileage. If you are going backpacking with another partner or backpacking troop, it wise to share gears and have a 2 men ultralight backpacking tent. This 2 person tent for backpacking is pretty lightweight among all backpacking tents and remain reasonable price and of high quality to provide a portable shelter for backpackers. Its rainfly is made of high quality 20D 360T PU8000 waterproof nylon and can be used as a ultralight shelter separately. And inner tent can be set up separately as well. It’s 3 season tent and it weighs only 4lbs(1.81kg). Floor: (83+24)x49 in / (210+60)x125 cm. Height: 43 in (110cm) to provide more head room. It’s wise to cut your backpack weight for backpacking trips and it’s great to start with this lightweight 2 men tent.   





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