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One Man Bivy Camouflage Tent Description and Use Tips

June 10, 2017

Compared with other traditional one man bivy sacks, this one man bivy camouflage tent is much roomy, there are more foot area and head space of the inside room. Tent floor of its inner tent is measured 84” long by 40” at the widest point of the tent tub and 27” at the narrowest foot area, 35” height at head area and 12” height at foot area, you will get plenty of head room and foot space to turn around or sit up within this camouflage tent. Especially upon the raining situations, you will encounter such occasions when you go camping, and you have get to stay within your tent. And at this time, this spacious inner tent is really valuable, you will get enough space to sit for a long time or move around to spend your time during the annoying rain which will make it more comfortable compared with the traditional bivy sack in which you have to lay down for a long time without much space to move and keep your spirit dynamic. However, this roomy military tent still remains lightweight as 53oz(1.5kg) weighed when every thing is stuff into its waterproof sack including the rain fly, inner tent, 9 heavy duty Aluminum V pegs and 2 reflective nylon guy ropes(stored together with a small pocket), 2 aluminum poles(one longer for the head area and another shorter one for foot area, stored with small pocket).


This tent is constructed with 210T PU2500MM polyester of all the rain fly and tent tub, and fabrics of the tent tub is much thicker than any other area to make it durable and robust to anti tear and anti scratch, which make it keep to most rainy seasons and with its camouflage rain fly. It’s qualified as a camouflage tents for hunting paired with its 2 nylon guy ropes and 9 aluminum tent pegs to tackle most of the diverse and harsh conditions in the wilderness and provide a trustworthy shelter for several days or weeks of hunting in the forest.



There are many user friendly designs within this military tent. To begin with, there are two vents to improve inside ventilation and make this tent very breathable, especially during summer afternoon or in rain, a larger one at the front area and the other is smaller at the foot area, so the convection will make all of the inside room breathable with the large mesh area there. When it’s referring to the mesh area of the inner tent, it’s very critical for summer use. You will encounter hot weather, numerous annoying bugs in the wild, these mesh area will keep you cool and calm within this tent and have a nice rest and sleep well at night in the wilderness. As you can see from the picture, there are two doors at left side and the right side of the inner tent and the rain fly for convenient access. And there is a hook at top of the inner tent to hang lanterns and there are two mesh pockets inside to keep your gadgets in order.


This tent is pretty easy set up. Firstly, remove all the stuff from its waterproof carry sack, the take the poles and inner tent out, connect the poles and put them through the inner tent pole sleeves and ends to the holding bronze rings. Then nails the tent pegs of the inner tent, you will get all the places need a tent peg nailed seamed with a nylon cord. So, fix the inner tent with these nylon cords there. Then lay the rain fly upon the inner tent, and fix it with its nylon cords at its edges on the ground with other tent pegs and tie up two guy ropes to enlarge the space between the rain fly and the inner tent to make it pretty fixed and enhance air flow with the tent inside.


One more thing I would like to say about this tent is that I prefer the rain fly to be totally camouflage, and not green at head area and tail area. I think it will be more attractive to me. What do you guys reckon? This tent takes $70. 


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