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Hiking Preparations

June 12, 2017

 As hiking is of healthy and environmental friendly, it has increasingly become the way young outdoors people has been obsessed in this travel option, more beginners are also ready to do it, then are you ready for a hike?

Outdoors usually means these area:

1, Usually in the land where there is no man or sparsely populated place

2, Are generally wild road, no or very few artificial facilities

3, According to the difficulty and intensity require the appropriate experience, equipment and physical


Psychological preparation

Some friends think that the outdoor is a fashion, and want to have a try. People who consider the outdoor as a visiting park, or others recognize that is outdoor adventure, try the adventurous locations others do not dare, all these two kind of thoughts are not appropriate for the idea of outdoors. Outdoors is a positive and progressive challenge and way of self-integration into the natural, so that we can temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life and the troubles, immerse our bodies and soul into nature, and return to the nature as a tiny part and overcome their own, and then ado a more positive attitude and full of energy back to the daily work and life after the end of the outdoor experience.


The most basic three outdoor psychological preparation:

1, Outdoor is not risk

Awe our nature is the first sentence to remember as one people experiencing the outdoors and it’s is not entertainment. Experiencing the great outdoors need some preparation in advance, they must have a clear understanding of their physical condition, the situation of the destination, the level of their own equipment. Show respect for nature, we will always be extremely small before nature. Some friends want to move their own body a few and casually sign their names for a hiking activity and just follow the group and go, they only concern about whether it’s good and fun, but do not ask where to go, what kinds of strength is going to be, how many miles the hiking will cover, and to prepare nothing at all. Just ask the gathering time and place, and go on their casual clothing and shoes. This kind of act is extremely irresponsible to themselves.


2, Outdoors is not risking

Learn to give up and quit, is one of the signs of mature outdoor people. Outdoor involves adventure in between but the wild and the outdoor is not a risk. Challenging yourself need to have clear insight of their own physical, perseverance, and make gradual improvement on the basis of that stage, but not to risk your life. The mountain is there, you can climb it today or tomorrow, anytime you want. If you are not able to summit this night, you can climb up again in the other day. If you can not do it in winter but you can manage it in summer. the mountain can not run! If you want to climb the mountain for a few more days, cover longer hiking route, then remember: do whatever you can, quit never means lose and embarrassment! Do not be strong and powerful or too over minded. Trying to be brave, insisted, do not being too ego to conceal your physical condition and physiological signals and place yourself in a dangerous situation!



3, Outdoor always means rely on your own

Leader is not a tour guide, teammates are not nanny, you do not have bodyguards. Choose a friendly team, and it’s important choose a responsible leader, you can learn a lot of outdoor knowledge and outdoor experience from them, you can avoid making many mistakes in the outdoor, you can reduce the outdoor risk. When the accident situation arise, try to make maximum reduce the loss of life and property, but to emphasize that at the crucial moment, you can only rely on your own. Although the team leader and teammates and even strangers, will do their best and spare no efforts to help every one, but we ourselves should be prepared, and must not rely our security and safety on others, no matter how intimate this person is to you, no matter how tall and strong this person is, you need to hike your own hike and assume the responsibility to protect yourself in the outdoors.


Outdoor hikers need to meet the basic requirements

1, healthy physique and good physical reserves is the premise of hiking

According to the different regions, hiking can be divided into suburban, rural, jungle, mountain, river and other types. Because the basic action is to go on foot, and may cross the complex terrain, the lack of basic physical conditions of the people are not suitable for walking. No one can ascend the throne, the first time the hiking beginners are generally able to afford a short distance of the flat terrain. Remember to add up mileage of your hiking route gradually, do not participate in activities beyond your own body condition.


2, People without team spirit and would like to dot things alone are not suitable for outdoor hiking

Short-distance hiking can be done by a single person, but cross the complex terrain of the long-distance need a team's cooperation and it is critical. Clear division of labor, work together is an essential to challenge these routes successfully.


3, Hiking require a certain field of survival knowledge

Traveling outside is difficult to avoid. On the sudden situation of nature, such as heavy rain, lightning, flash floods, etc. To be able to foresee and have to deal THEM and be able to correctly deal with sprains, feet blistering, heat stroke, water, bleeding and other wild problems prone to occur. These knowledge are also very necessary.

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