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Girls Trekking 7298 Yards High Mountain

June 29, 2017


We planed to summit the 7298 yards high (6674 meters) mountain

 The starting altitude is 5240 yards high (4792 meters) according to the gps.

We searched the google map and found that we need to go through some area of tundra and mass rocks to get to this lake.


 We went on a river bend then. And we did not wear any trekking boots for a long time, it takes time for we girls to move over these gravel slope and get on our feet and pacing smoothly.

 At around 11:50, we were by the lake, at an altitude of 5325 yards.


After that, we were going to trek by the right side of the lake and we can see the snow mountain where we are trekking toward on our phone.



The route was very clear on this section, although the slope has gained up, but there was small gravels basically. So we can go fairly relaxed and happy, because my friend and I was not very ambitious and keep our pace relatively slow and keep good physical condition.



The leader was on hiking shoes and his on faster pace, and often waiting at a distance within our sight, took a rest or lit a cigarette.


Everyone will be better trekking on their own pace, my friend was on a pair of shoes for 8748 yards high altitude which is much bulkier than my trekking boot. So, I need to wait for her.


This place was closed to the glacier.


Our leader was always keeping a distance from us.


Trekking trough some narrow and deep slopes. Our backpacks were heavy and if we ever fall from the trail, there was 40 yards from the glacier to the trail where we could only place one foot on, this place required much strength.


Our eyes were in heaven, but stepping on hell.


We were near the campground. Trekking on this kind of ground will easily get twist ankle if the rocks were slippery. 


 Got up the next morning.


Our leader help us tidy up the campsite.


We were wearing our snow shoes, my shoes is for 6500 yards altitude  trekking and that of my friend is for 8000 yards altitude of trekking.


We started trekking at 12 o'clock the next day. And there were glacier to climb up. 

These were thin snow melted with earth and stones,  the snow looked a  little dirty there. But the scenery around was very fabulous. I was trekking after our trekking guide and my friend is behind me during this section.


Pace of ice mixing area is very short, and we passed soon. And then we stepped into the core area of ice Tallinn, where it has been away from the right side of the mountain and there was no risk of falling stone, but the risk of cracks begun to arise. My friend and I was going to go connecting to each other, our trekking guide said no to this. He walked in front of us, we stepped on his footprints to move forward. Well, look at it, may be due to a long time no heavy snow, so the snow was not thick, just about 10 cm. The guide trekking in front of us and took a careful way to explore a safe pace for us. 

The campground ahead is around 6300 yards altitude and 500 yards higher than traditional 5800 yards altitude campgrounds, and it will make it easier for the summit pacing another 800 yards of altitude the next day.

We two girls have talked to each other about the tent pitching location. We decided to trekked up a little more so we can summit the other day which only need to climb for 800 yards altitude, much practical for we girls, and we can take a lest and enjoy the fascinating view at the summit and go down the mountain and back to the airport so we do not have to cancel out air ticket booked for that day after. What a perfect plan! 

But our mountaineering guide told us that we will have difficulties to pitch our campsite on our desired place according to our former pacing speed, and it would be much windy up there, and that place was not a typical campground, he recommended that we build our campsite on the typical campground with 500 yards altitude lower than that place.

And there was wide gaps everywhere, which is very dangerous as the iceberg around there may be much soft and guys may fall into these wide gaps to have yourself wounded or even cause fatal situations. 


And suddenly, our guide told us that there was no route ahead.

What? Are you kidding me? We have circle such long distance to came here, did we have to go back and find another route? We did not bring any ladder, so we have to pace around these kind of gaps.

We three people examined around the gap, keep searching, judging. As a matter of fact, there were many footprints of our trekking guide, which indicated that our most experienced guide had get into some trouble.


Finally, our guide decided to choose one snow bridge to pass the gap before us, there was no way left so we have to try anyway. And there was obvious gap between this snow bridge, we can only step on it and pass with full attention and keep our balance.

The snow bridge was tougher than we expected, and we three person passed successfully.


After this snow bridge section, we came to the snow slope section.

We chose the left route because there was majorly gap area at the right route. Fine weather, gentle wind, a little cloudy, we could obsess two peaks of the nearby mountains, and the route was pretty clear.


Not much longer after we reached the snow slop section, my stomach began to ached a lot! I continued pacing slowly with one hand holding the snow axe and pressed my stomach with the other hand, and I could not get any better after insisting for around 130 yards, I had no other choice but took a rest. It's lucky that the surrounding was not dangerous, so I use the snow axe, trekking rope and my backpack to make up a fixing protection for myself.

The stomachache was the last burden that torn my down, I could not even kicked my foot up after that and paced really slowly. I did not told my friend that my stomach still ached and I would resist that pain as far as I could. I would have been sweating and curling myself up because of spasm of gut if it's upon routine circumstance. But at that time , I have no choice but to keep moving with insistence and perseverance. It's better to move forward than to being dull stayng there.

Our guide wanted to pitch our campsite here as he saw that I could not move any further at that time. But my friend did not agree with him, and the time is far from dark, so she insisted that we climbed high er a little bit and she could pick me up after pitching out tent at the higher altitude. I know that my friend planned to pitch our tent at the saddle area of the two mountains, but we had to climb another two giant slops, I could figure out the first giant snow slop, but do not have confidence in climbing the second giant slop(Lucky that we did not continued climbing, there was more that 2 giant slops ahead of us).

The first slop is about 15 degree for 130 yards, which was really for my in such situation. Our guide saw that I was not in good condition and acknowledged that I could not go any much further, thus starting searching around for a place to pitch our camping tent. My friend kept moving ahead and waited for me at the tent pitching location, I moved slowly toward there, and laid my backpack down as a seat, sit and said sorry to my friend in a low voice as I know that the campsite that day was not high enough and it's far from possible for us to summit in such altitude that night and started from the the next morning.But I have tried my best, we had not made any physical exercise upon burden on our back. So I am kind of not keeping up with this situation. What's worse, we were cold and starving with half of a noddles cup that could not provide enough energy for trekking such high altitude for long distance.


It became dark before we could set up our tent, and the temperature drops quickly.

My friend and I removed our down coats and had it on, we could not catch colds at that time.


Tent was pitched, our guide told us to remove our snow shoes before getting into his tent. He was afraid that our snow shoes will scratch his tent floor and break it. Fine, my friend and I spent half an hour to took off the snow shoes as they have been iced and we could only took them off with our snow axe bit by bit


Our guide took out 2 packages of rice after we got into the inside of the tent, and he told us that we only left one package of noodles, some simple snags and a cup of milk coffee. 

The package of self heated rice was amazing, I did not see any stuff like this before, but we follow the instructions and it came out the food flavor before long, which made my friend and I really excited as we are starving!

We divided that package of into two parts, but, it did not taste well as he smells great, and it's much spicy which did not suit my taste. But I had to swallow most of them as I need the energy to keep my physical condition. My friend could not have more of these rice than me thought she added some botargo to it. 

We could only show a little of smile to each other about the leftover food. And we gather the food back to the package, and the snow and ice will keep it well for tomorrow.













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