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Collapsible Water Bottle, BPA Free, Antibacterial for Outdoors and House Use

June 30, 2017




Hydration is essential to our human being, no matter where you are, in the house or in the outdoors, you need to get your self plenty of hydration to keep your body function smoothly and help dissolve nutrition as well as transport the harmful leftover out of your body. So, a water bottle is life essential. And a collapsible water bottle with antibacterial filter is an essential for hydration in the great outdoors or the wilderness.





Also, this lightweight water bottle for backpacking is equipped with a trekking hook to connected it to you backpack and free your hands. Meanwhile, it’s kind of flat design, so it will not roll or flip much as you are walking or running in the outdoors. Moreover, the water bottle can be rolled up flat and buckled up with the trekking hook and placed in your backpack or your pocket, pretty portable and help save valuable backpack room. Additionally, this Bpa free water bottle has a plastic mouth and mouth cup, so you can squeeze the water inside the bottle out and drink it conveniently even when you are doing sports, athletes, running or any motion, the water will not spread out or spilt, pretty convenient to use. Then, let’s focus a little bit attention on the antibacterial filter, it can block 99.9% of harmful bacterium that may cause disease, and it’s durable with 1500 L filtering volume, that means you can have more than 2,000 times of filtering with this bottle. And this water filter tube can be replaced with a new one quickly as you have placed an order for a new filter for this bottle in our store, you can get it in 2 days from Amazon.com if you are prime member. And this Bpa free water bottle with trekking hook is very convenient to use for mountaineering enthusiasm and trekking communities with a trekking hook at the top area of the bottle.      



This collapsible water bottle for hiking and other outdoor recreations can also keep up to becoming an home essential. You can filled it with hot water under 80 degree Celsius (176 degree Fahrenheit). And it’s refrigerator friendly, which means that you can use it as an ice bag and place it into your refrigerator when this water bottle is filled with water (less than 80% of it’s total volume as 700ml,23.7oz, too much water frozen inside will break this water bottle or reduce its using life).This lightweight water bottle for backpacking is made of BPA free materials and keep up to use high quality material to meet US FDA standard. So, this collapsible plastic water bottle for hiking is built to help improve convenience of taking in hydration for both at home and in the great outdoors as well as for sports or athletes use.






Filter tube: FC09 Ultrafiltration membrane filter COMPOSITE ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER, US FDA standard


Filter ability: 1,500 ML (50,000 oz)


Water type can be filtered: Freshwater like running water and river water, not seawater.


Able to filter out 99.99% bacteria, dust and rust


Size of water bottle without water: 12.8 * 22.6 cm  /  5 * 9 inches  (L * H)


Size of water bottle fully filled with water: 10.7 * 7 * 22.6 cm  /  4 * 3 * 9 inches (L * W * H)


Material of water bottle: PE, PA, PET


Weight of water bottle and filter tube: 56 g / 1.98 oz


Package size: 15 * 13 * 6 cm / 5.9 * 5.1 * 2.4 inches


Package weight: 66 g / 2.33 oz

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