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Multifunctional Waterproof Ground Sheet, Rain Coat, Tent Shelter, Tarp, Poncho

June 30, 2017


Ground sheet is always an camping essential, some of them come with your tent, some of them sold separately, any way a ground sheet is helpful for backpacking, camping and hiking as they are ultralight, some premium quality ones come with waterproof features and they are far from roomy in your backpack or your luggage. But they can keep up to the most severe weathers if you pitch them in a right way, let alone placing it under your tent to protect your tent from dust, water and other sharp and tough substances, or just sitting or lying on its surface for a rest in the outdoors or at parks, beaches, courtyards and so on, or serving as a picnic mat, a tent tarp or shelter by hanging its 4 corners up with guy ropes, tent stakes or just branches. Additionally, this multifunctional ground sheet can also serve as a raincoat, or poncho as other some people name it.



And now, let’s take a more detailed acknowledge of this multifunctional waterproof ground sheet.  It’s fabric use 210T Plaid Polyester PU5000MM, which means that this multifunctional raincoat, poncho can keep up to a heavy rain fall with 5000MM volume of raindrops per hour. And we can say it’s waterproof, can keep the other side of itself dry upon 5000MM of water pressure. Large size as 225 * 185 cm / 88.6” * 72.3”, being able to provide tarp or mat for 2 - 4 men, perfect for family camping and other outdoor recreational activities. All the stuff can be packed up within its hat place to save space and help cut backpack weight, it weighs only 15 oz / 420 g.




Use methods:

● Ground sheet: find the upper surface, it’s with two storage pockets and one pocket with Geertop logo, then lay the ground sheet on a even ground after you have clean up the sharp and tough substances there, then extent the waterproof ground sheet to the upmost size and nail it firmly to the ground with tent pegs to make the ground sheet taut and flat. And when you are using this multifunctional ground sheet on the beach, you can fix it with the 4 sand pockets sewed to the down side, filling them with sand or other substance to weigh the ground sheet down and fix it there against wind and anti tear.

● Raincoat: There equips a hat for you, and the logo at the hat area should be outside, so when you put it on the upper surface is laying upon your body, and the other side, the down side with 4 sand bags, that usually facing the ground is on the outside to shed rain. So it will not let the dirty side(the down side that tough the ground) of the multifunctional poncho to lay upon your body.

● Tent tarp: you need to find at least 2 tent poles(trees or branches that you can tie this tent tarp up), then tie the two diagonal anger up with guy ropes(tighten cord sewed at the 4 corners), and tighten the other two corners of the ground sheet to enlarge the shade space.

● Emergent tent shelter: When you encounter strong wind or rainstorm, you need to find some protruding objects to make up your shelter, like a big fallen tree or a protruding earth or stone, tie two corners of the longer side of the ground sheet to that protruding object and fix the other longer side to the ground with tent pegs to built an emergent tent shelter.



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