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Bivy Sack and Bivy Shelter

July 4, 2017


Bivy sack is built to serve climbers and backpacker who want lightweight emergency weather shelter for your sleep system during multi-day stay in the wilderness, particularly on the mountain walls.


Most of the original bivy sacks were simple slipcovers for sleep system using waterproof nylon to make the rainfly—good for shielding rain for sleep system, not so good when ventilating vapor produced by body heat and your breathe.

 Material of bivy sack:

Flysheet, also know as the rainfly of a camping tent, its fabric usually use 210T PU2500mm polyester fabric, taped seam, F/R retardant, UV protection. Some of the bivy sack also have their inner tent, and fabric of this tier usually is 210T PU2500mm polyester fabric + grid yarn, UV protection. Also, all of the one man tent should have its tent floor and it tends to be made of 210T polyester fabric. In order to achieve lightweight, its pole will definitely be aluminum poles.

 So as to make it more roomy inside but adds a little more weight, a tent-like bivy shelter adds 2 features that traditional bivies do not share, an expanded area of shielded headspace and a full enclosure to block out bad weather and bugs, usually come up with two layers and the face area, an upper cloth area to block the outside elements and an inner layer mesh layer to enhance ventilation while keeping the bugs away from getting into the inside. These extras have helped bivy shelters become more popular, especially to the ultra hikers and minimalists, and a premium bivy van even keep up to hardest situations in the wilderness. These features can really make an ultralight one man tent.

People who find bivy sacks fit them better:

Frequently camping or hiking sole in the backcountry.

Mountaineering, trekking or climbing big-wall routes that require more than a day to complete

Camp during long-distance biking or hiking trips

Seriously want to cut every possible ounce from their backpacks.

Winter camping in snow cave.

Bivy sack or bivy shelter

A traditional bivy sack is primarily built for mountaineers or minimalists that comes with 2 major features:

Keep your sleep system dry

Increasing warming capacity by around 10°F.

A bivy sack’s head opening implies that moisture can potentially find its way inside. You can minimize that situation by pulling the headhole’s drawstring very snugly, which tend to turn the head space into more of a nosehole that most people will find it too restricted and snug. Many minimalists or mountaineers, though, are willing to make this sacrifice to cut their weight down as much as possible.

Feature that may help these bivy sacks more popular:

Multi zipper or double zipper sliders allow you to create arm olders so you can sort gear ot cook while being protected by the bivy sack.

Full-length zippers more ventilation options.

Straps help fix your sleeping pad.

Bivy shelter comes with more headroom and a mesh panel attached to the head opening together with poles or hoops that hold fabric off your face and enhance ventilation to make it more comfortable sleeping inside. AN one man camping tent like bivy shelter paired with extra fortified wedge of head space provides you a comfort zone to make a bivy’s restricted air space feel acceptable. And it become more important and desirable in rainy area with common rain weathers, this bivy shelter will keep its shape and block rain from the outside as well as provide enough rest room during the rain in the wilderness. It can be tough to wait out a storm inside a bivy sack that offer no sit-up space.

While a camping tent offers a roomier and much headspace for you to move inside, a bivy sack or shelter is almost like sleeping under the stars, which is a pretty liberating experience. And these lightweight bivy sacks can protect you from bugs and rain also. If you are uneasy in tight spaces, you are likely to feel uncomfortable inside a bivy sack, so move up to roomier bivy shelter, it’s a perfect combination of weight efficient, liberating feeling and spacious inside room. Also, this roomy bivy shelter comes with two layer to make it possible for vapor produced by body heat or through your lunge to be push through the mesh area of the inner tent and vents of the rainfly. Double zippers help you shut the opening off conveniently. This one man backpacking tent will reduce condensation from being a factor with a bivy as its two layer shelter instead of one wall shelter, so the condensates will not form within the inner tent to keep your sleeping bag and inner space dry. And during summer, you can keep up to minimal mode with this one man camping tent as you can skip the sleeping bag and just sleep inside the inner tent of this bivy shell.







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