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Do not go camping, I am serious!

July 26, 2017

"Camping" means hiking or driving a vehicle to a campground or campsite, usually at the seaside, valleys, mountains, lakes and so on. Campers can have bonfire, barbecue, picnic or singing, which are the most common camping activities.


As you go camping, you will find yourself obsessed with various ways of camping choices, grass land, cars, RVs, parks, mountains , rivers, lakes and so on. Feeling like trying different kinds of camping gears out, buy all kinds of equipment: climbing boots, hiking shoes, Jackets, sun clothing, tents, backpacks, mountain bike, SLR cameras and so on. Break your bank ...

Because you go, you will find you start to put down the phone, and friends start more face to face conversation, we sit on the edge of the barbecue barbecue, play games, eat snacks, tea, in the stars under the night sky, talk about life ideal.


Because when you go camping, you will find that you start to put down your phone, and start to have more face to face conversation with friends who camp with you,  sit on the edge of the bonfire or have barbecue side by side, playing games, eating snacks, sipping coffee or tea, gazing the stars under the night sky, talking to each other about life ideal.


Because when you go camping, you will find that you have made friends of all kinds of occupations, just because your summit of the mountains with them, hiking for a few hundred miles or camping while sipping coffee, tea and chatting with each other!



Because when you go camping, you will find yourself stay in good figure no matter how much calorie of food you eat, just a waste of food! Legs stay thin, waist is slim as camping in the outdoors consumes a lot of calories to have much exercise and have a healthy body!


Because every camping trip you have, every hike, every time going through the various landscapes, you will find you grow more and more love of the nature, feel more and more desire to integrate yourself with the landscape of the nature.



Just imagine that you and your camping partner are lying on a wide field, gazing  the stars, immerse the whole body into the nature ... ...


Galaxy is clearly visible.



The star track is so vast, we and our problems are so small.



To see the sunset and sunrise.



To see the world and to know yourself in another point of view.



The longing for the stars.
The yearning for nature.
The yearning for freedom.
From then on, you embarked on a love of camping life ... ...


Camping Tips


Build a tent

1, decide the location of campsite
After considering the wind direction and terrain, choose a flat land.


2, inspection of tent equipment
Remove all of the  supplies in the storage bag, check all parts one by one to and remember or record the accessories so you will not miss any of them when you take down your tent and store it.


3, laying the ground sheet
After the ground pad is paved, fix the four corners are with tent pegs. If there is much moisture in the place, use sleeping mats in the inner tent.


4, Erecting the poles and tent, tie up the guy ropes
Put the bottom of the tent poles into the hole at the corners of the ground sheet at the same time, fix the upper part of the poles with sewed cords or buckles. Tie up the major guy ropes so the tent will not move and the shape of tent is come into being largely.


5, adjust the main guy rope, tie up the guy ropes at the corners and waist of the tent
Adjust the major guy ropes and support guy ropes to form the shape of the tent, the two tent poles stand vertically on the ground. Secondly, to adjust the guy  ropes at the corners and waist so that the shape of the tent is maintained well.


6, Integrating
Connecting the flysheet, inner tent together and ground sheet connected to the tent as well.


Camping Essentials




1, Outer coat and pants (wind proof, water proof, breathable, durable ... ...).
2, Down layer clothing (wind resistant, thermal).
3, Moisture wicking underwear (to keep the body dry).
4, Quick-drying inner layer (summer travel essentials, must be detachable).
5, Down jacket (winter travel or to plateau necessary).
6, other personal clothing (disposable underwear, T-shirt ...).


Shoes and socks 


1, Hiking shoes (strong adaptability, wear, waterproof, the best height to help protect the ankle).
2, Light sports shoes (suitable for general outing activities, or for driving cars).
3, Sports sandals (can be used as slippers, and for summer hiking).
4, Sweat socks (row of sweat, winter frostbite).
5, Ordinary sports socks (cotton, comfortable).
6, Snow cover (in the snow or muddy section is very useful).


Hat, gloves, glasses


1, Sun hat (round edge, baseball cap type, block the sun).
2, Cotton cap (thermal).
3, Thick gloves (thermal).
5, Glasses (sports, shade, snow).


Personal Gears




1, large backpack (short-distance camping or long-distance travel essential,  comfortable and load-bearing framed backpacks, ranging from 45-80 L).
2, Small backpack (short trip or long-distance backup substitute, there is a certain loading space, range 15-30 L).
3, Pockets or satchel (keep small thing for long-distance travel, can hold a kettle).
4, Photographic package (depends individually, side bags will have more convenient access to the lens).




1, Sleeping bags (down sleeping bags, save space);
2, Sleeping bag liner (long-distance travel camping, bring anti-dirty fleece or cotton sleeping bag liner).
3, Tents (ordinary camping, general waterproof tents can keep up to long-distance travel with small size recommended tents).
4, Ground sheet (to protect the tent floor from wear).
5, Moisture-proof pad (ordinary pad can provide cushion anytime, anywhere, air cushion is more comfortable).
6, Aluminum film mat (portable light and convenient, can be used for photography reflector).


Light & Lantern


1, Headlights (free your hands, convenient use);
2, Flashlight (standby lighting, reliable);
3, Camping lantern (for campsite or tents, take pictures of tents at night);
4, Wind resistant lighters (versatile, emergency lighting ).
5, Waterproof match (also used for emergency).




1, Camping Stove (hot food in the wild).
2, Gas tank (with the use of the burner).
3, Sets of pot (cooking, burning soup, cooking noodles, omelette);
4, Small steel cup (drink water, wash).
5, Barbecue pits (self-driving activities).




1, Outdoor kettle (effective anti-corrosion, cool color)
2, Military kettle (with a lunch box, more practical)
3, Water bag (crossing the field or bike travel)
4, Insulation kettle (hot water for winter camping)



Go camping with your gf / wife, bf / husband

Go camping with your dad

Go camping with kids

And gazing the stars!








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