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Bear Safety Concerns when You Hike or Camp

August 3, 2017

Most of the camping or hiking beginners or even enthusiasts will be terrified when a bear or bear family just appear around them in the backcountry hiking adventure. Even though most of the bears will not attack humans and not being aggressive and fierce. But the condition may be different when you have intruded (accidentally) on a sow and cub, if you do not go away, the bears will consider that you are offensive and paws on the ground or make some noise to warn you out of their area. Al you need to do is to look somewhere else and go away immediately and avoid direct eye contact with the bears, which is also considered an offensive deed in the eyes of the bears. If you want to make sure that the bears do not follow and charge you, you can have quick glance back to see if they are approaching, but do not stay still and look at them for a long time, which is the situation that people are panic to see the bears close to them and do not know what to do at that time but  stand still and stare at the bears, mostly staring at the strongest and biggest bears to see if that one is gonna attack himself / herself. As a matter of fact, this really annoy the bears and the tempers of the big guys usually do not come with a good temper as they need to fight or hunt other animals for their babies, wives and himself, and the big guys have the responsibily to protect their region and their family, so they have to attack the "offensive" invaders, that's you guys. Worse still, guys will pick up rocks or branches, the trekking poles that they hike with and make defensive posture against the bear, which deteriorate the situation and the bears will reckon that these guys are gonna hurt him and his family, so they decide to take these guys down if they do now go away.

Black, Grizzly bears are the most common bears that you may come across in your backcountry camping or hiking trip. Parks that exist more bears: Yoho, Banff, Jasper, Great Smoky Mts, Yellow-stone, Waterton, Glacier-USA, Yosemite, Denali, Kluane. You will be going to encounter a bear, or bear crowds sometime if you camp or hike in the backcountry among these parks. 

In the worst situations, the bears are charging you and running at you, you need to use the bear spray. Even though the bears get within 10 or 15 feet to you and get a good look at you, he may wheel around and left as they are not familiar with "animals " like you in the backcountry. Most of the bears will not crawling at you if they have a cub to keep an eye on. Most likely it will go off trail or the other way once you were out of sight. Or stay on its region play with their cubs.  If your plan route heads through a Grizzly bears habitat, then bear spray is an essential as the Grizzly bears is more aggressive than black bears. And bear spray would be better on your backpack list if you hike through a black bear habitat, all the bears are really fond of the food your visitors bring with, no matter where you hide it, they have super talent nose to find them out. And once they find your food, do not try to get them back, the food belong to the bears then. They will fight against you for these foods. Though the bears will not spread out to stalk humans, once they found their food, no one will "rob" that from them peacefully. 


You need to respect the bears. And do not tease or make fun of them in any circumstance! Bear spray will not work as well as you think. Even the annoying bears in the zoo can get access to you. 


I have tremendous respect for black bears, but really don't fear them. There are other dangers in the mountains that seem much more likely to hurt me (lightning, for example). So bring bear spray if you worry about bears attack, and enjoy you hike, and get deep contact to nature. Anyway, a camouflage tent will help you get rid of the disturbance of the bears, that's possible that a few bears are wandering around the tents as the campers wake up in the morning in the morning. camouflage tents will make the bears feel that your tent is not so attractive, just like the surrounding vegetation. 

camouflage tent

Seasons: 3-season

Number of doors: 2 doors

Windows of flysheet: 2 windows

Number of Vestibular: 2

Sleeping capacity: 1-person

Pole diameter: 8.5 millimeters

Floor dimensions: 84 * 38 inches / 213 * 101 cm

Floor area: 23.2 square feet / 2.15 m²

Vestibular area: (1.7 + 1.7) square feet / (0.16 + 0.16) m²

Height: 36 inches / 91cm

Packaged weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5kg

Packed Size: 4.3 * 4.3 * 17 inches / 11 * 11 * 43cm




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