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Outdoor Biking Tips

August 25, 2017


There are three kinds of bikes riding off the road, the first kind is the mud racing competition; the second kind of biking is riding upon pile up mud for jumping fancy competition; the third kinds is the use of imitation obstacles of street obstacles for bike racing; the fourth is racing In the semi-plumbing venues for fancy jump competition; the fifth type is biking in the designated ground to use the BMX bike to do a variety of balanced biking competition. Other riding types including cross country cycling, all-mountain/enduro, downhill, four-cross/dual slalom, freeride/big hit, dirt jump/ trails, urban/street, trail riding and marathon. Then here are a few more biking skills off-road.


Bike cross-country skills 1: jump across any rock or wood higher than the front wheel axis, you can hop over that without getting off your bike; with some speed - about the fastest ride on your easy riding. Kinetic energy is your friend, because most people can not just trampling directly across to the big gap. When the gap is near, tilts your body backward, pulls the handlebar and lifts the front wheel to the top of the ladder.


Bike cross-country skills two: riding across the big groove if proficient in jumping with your bike, then skip the trail on the big rut or groove, it is relatively easy. Before reaching the gap, the body leaned forward, pulling the handlebar and lifting the front wheel about two feet high.


Bike cross-country skills three: climb steep slope, when the slope is close to you, use a small front tooth plate, and you have to complete the slope with the stalls even two gears higher; in the first climbing stage, when the kinetic energy is about to exhausted , make the downshift some time earlier, in order not to frustrate your attempt.


Bike cross-country skills four: riding through the road with sloping trails, for the sloping sections, steep oblique cliff side, if the use of brake or dynamic movement of large control, may cause the tire to lose grip and slide out of the road edge and cause incident; if you know the following skills , The vast majority of slope edges can be crossed. To avoid speeding up on the road slanting down the path, maintain a certain speed before arriving, sliding over the road; if you want to add some power to pass the words, please gently, smooth force.


Bike off-road skills 5: sand riding, sand will deprive the strength of the legs, disrupt the manipulation of the bike, and each stamp will make the rear wheel soaked within the sands deeper and deeper. For some mountaineers, especially in Florida and Arizona, sand is part of their cycling career. Of course, wide tires with small tread grain small offer great help, but even with narrow tires, a professional biker can still pass a long sandy land, of course, this is to rely on some luck and good technology as well as strength, endurance.


Bike cross-country skills 6: riding on a rocky area during collisions to the stone, the use of dual-shock biking is more capable of making you riding your bike faithfully over it; the rocky area may be in the plane section, uphill or downhill section, but the basic technique to deal with the stones is the same. Secondly, you can also increase a stall, so that when you encounter obstacles, you can avoid slipping of the rear wheel.



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