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Camera Tips for Outdoor Use

August 28, 2017

Whenever we go outside, on a backpacking trip, camping trip or hiking for several miles or more, we can not bring the spectacular scenery back home, and these amazing memories will fade within our mind as time go on, so many outdoor guys would like to take photos of their adventures, outdoor trips and make their outdoor trips more memorable. Because phone camera can not take very good photos to capture the scenery well. So guys, there are some cameras recommendations for outdoor trips with reasonable price and nice specification to take stunning pictures.


For some campers or backpackers, camera is a must bring on most of their trips. One recommendation is Sony a6000 mirror-less series. The a6000 is phased out with the newer a6300 which make be phased out by the December introduction of the a65400. All three shoot video in vary format…4K beginning with the 6300…can be bought as bodies or in bundled packages. The 16-50 & 55-210mm lens package is good and you can lean towards the 6300 but waiting for several months to see if the prices drop as the 6000 disappears from the market.


If you are hard on my gear and a water proof "ruggedized" camera that can handle some shock, heat and cold is a nice option, like a Nikon cool pix AW130. It's waterproof, "shockproof," operates over a wide temp range, takes great pictures, and has a good lens with good zoom range. It's also small and light and extra batteries are reasonably priced and packs small. I chose it because it had a number of excellent reviews and came out on top in several comparison tests of similar cameras. On the downside it's low-light sensitivity is just so-so, and its flash system too often over exposes. Overall, it’s a nice outdoor pick.


Photography is just a personal preference. If you want to take nice pics, so you may want a dedicated camera rather than rely on phone cam. But if you also want light weight and simplicity, so a POS (that's point-and-shoot, not piece-of sh!t). A Panasonic Lumix has a nice Leica lens and decent zoom while not breaking the bank (Costco has them on sale all the time). Easy to carry within a hip belt pocket.


AW120 is perfect for beginning level photographic skill set. The battery has a very long-life and a spare is super lightweight.


Canon PowerShot SX280 HS has a large sensory, so it can take great low light photos and the picture quality is pretty great in almost all conditions. It's light enough and has been quite durable despite only storing it in a small zip case that strapped onto the bottom of your chest strap. It has replaceable batteries and all that, so you can swap them out when I need to. It's an older model now, so has likely been phased, but still competes with most on the market.


Canon ELPH 300HS with two spare batteries. It takes pretty nice photos for its size and limitations.

Canon EOS Rebel 1000D and an EOS Rebel T6i. For lenses : EFS 10-18 f4.5-5.6

EFS 18-200 f3.5-5.6

You can have a pretty useful range of 10-200. Not quite enough reach for small birds, but enough to not have to be in a moose's face. And the apertures could be a bit larger, but they are relatively cheap lenses, so it wouldn't consume out thousands of dollars if one has an accident. Yet they still take pretty good photos.

To carry the body and two lenses, you can do with a lens pouch and a top-loader pouch on hip belt. Also, a Capture Clip on your pack strap which you can mount the camera to when the weather is nice.


So, after all these nice recommendations of cameras for outdoor trips, do anyone want to take great photos of the stars in the outdoors or just at home? Here are some telescope recommendations for beginner astronomic lovers. $34 You can connect a camera to these telescopes with a connector to take stunning photos of the stars, and the Milky Way. You can take a big one if you go car camping for extra fun.




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