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Geertop 4 Persons 3 Seasons Camping Tent Pitching Tips

October 18, 2017

Thank you for purchasing Geertop 4 Persons 3 Seasons Family Camping Tent. This passage is going to tell you some extra tips about how to pitch and take down this tent and some tent care methods. Please read the manual at the carrying bag and practise pitching this tent at home or somewhere available before you bring this tent for a family camping trip in the outdoors so you can set up this family camping tent quickly in urgent situations like sudden rain and drawing near darkness that require you to set this tent up as a stable shelter.

The first thing to do when pitching this tent is to find a nice place to put it up. Then remove all the accessories out, spread the rainfly and connect the aluminum poles. Please be cautious that although we have selected the best quality tent pole from the market for this tent, they are small polls that requires careful handling. Please connect the poles one section at a time and make sure that each section is well seated, especially when you do this in a hurry. Be cautious that small gaps of the poles may lead to broken poles.  Then putting the tent poles through the corresponding pole sleeves and hold the rain fly up. You can see that this tent is freestanding. Like I said, this is a  family camping tent that sleeps 4 person with a large vestibule, so the rainfly of this tent will be pretty large, thus there are much more pole sleeves at the rainfly, which may be a little confusing when pitching it up for the first time. There are 3 poles totally of this tent, so the poles sleeves are for three poles, 2 longer one and another shorter one.  The two longer poles are for the longer pole sleeves next to the two ventilation windows of the rainfly. And the shorter one is for the pole sleeve at the middle and the pole for this sleeve will lay across two criss-cross longer poles, so all three poles will form a stable criss-cross frame. Putting the pole ends into the grommets of the rainfly to hold it up. After that, attach the inner tent to the rainfly with toggles. Finally, peg down this tent with tent pegs and guy ropes. Tent pegs can be pressed down into the ground by hand or with other stuff like stones, hammer. Be careful and do not step on the tent pegs as you press them down.

There are two ventilation windows of this tent, one of them is near the front door panel,  the other is at the back area of the rainfly, open the vents and let airflow in, and they can be closed with velcro. Please roll up the door panel of the entrance and tie it up with toggles, do not lay the door panel on the ground as the zippers there will have great risk of getting damaged by being exposed to sands or dirt.  A footprint for this tent is highly recommended as it has a large vestibule, so you will have a pretty large and clean space inside this tent in addition to the sleeping room, and the tent bottom will get extra protection for longevity.


When taking this tent down, do it reversely. Pull the poles out of the pole sleeves instead of pulling them out as the pole sections maybe get stuck by the grid sleeve and torn apart. If you do it in a hurry, both the poles and the pole sleeve may get damaged.  Be cautious that do not stored a wet tent for a long time. Air dry or sun dry this tent before you take it down and store it if you have the chance.  Or tidy and dry up this tent when you get home if you do not have time to dry up this tent and pack it up during the camping trip.   








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