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How to Get Proper Biking Exercise

October 30, 2017

 What's the proper way to get exercise with bikes? What kind of effects do you want to achieve through biking exercise? You can choose some target-oriented biking ways and biking motions according to the different purpose you want to attain through biking exercise, thus get more satisfying effects you wan.


1. Losing fat biking method: biking on medium speed, kind of variable to different kinds of bikers among beginners or veteran, ride on your own 'medium' speed is good, keep the speed continually for more than 40 minutes and keep an eye on your breathing rhythm, kind of effective way to lose fat.

2. Strength biking method: use much strength when biking in different situations, such as: riding uphill or upward(adjust speed of wheel gear), this kind of riding method can enhance strength and endurance of your leg muscle group.


3. Constant riding method: during biking progress, ride more slowly and keep  your medium to less slow biking speed for 1-2 minutes, and biking faster to 1.5 to 2 times of that speed for 2 minutes, then slow down to your medium to slow speed, and back to fast speed after that, cycling your riding speed for roughly the same period of 2 minutes for exercising for an hour or so, this kind of riding method can help improve exercisers' adaptive ability to aerobic exercise.

4. Intensive biking: riding at 60% of your own extreme speed for 5-7 minutes, then examine your pulse rate per minute with a pulse watch, and keep that rate within your heart and lung exercising level in order to exercise your cardiovascular system more effectively.


5. Key muscle biking: lift your hip off the seat when biking but do not stand straight when biking, and use your key part of body to strength up and balance your body, this kind of biking way can help exercise strength of  muscle group at key part.   



1, Wearing special biking gloves, one of the reasons lies on anti gliding, another reason is to protect your hands when falling down from your bike.


2, Position of the seat. Standing on the ground, lift one of your leg, when your leg is lifted parallel to the ground, the height of the seat should be the same as that of your leg, which is an appropriate height for a comfortable riding.


3, No matter what kid of ring ways you choose, you need to have hydration supply if you want to loose fat. 


4, Biking with loads on your back is not recommended(biking with a backpack), biking exercise is mainly about the constant exercise time, you may have your back or backbone hurt if you ride with much load on your back or with a heavy backpack. It's better to have a biking bag and back seat to load all your gears or hydration if you are gonna have a long distance bike trip instead of loading all your gear on your backpack and carrying it on your back when biking. 


5, There are more risks when mountain biking, especially riding downhill, remember to keep you speed slowly, so you will have time to deal with sudden rising trail or sharp turns, large roots of trees or other stuff that will be big obstacles for biking. 


6, Finally, a helmet is strongly recommended for your own sake of safety. 


























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